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Hi, I’m trying to play in the server but it’s not letting me
Does anybody know how to fix it?
First off, make sure that your using the correct IP address.
Secondly, if your not in 1.12 edition of minecraft make sure you change it.
If these don’t work and you’ve restarted your minecraft a few times, you can make a bug report or DM a higher member of staff :)
Sorry but this is the second time saying how beautiful you are. But like, really :D
(& omg that horse is gorgeous)
im so proud of myself >:D i was deleting words in a book and stopped midway to answer a chatgame. obv i stopped at the word 'titan' and it only deletes 'an' from it so i get warned for writing yk what word. hecking heck my luck is like thru the window!