What's up soda pop!


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Hi all, I've been wanting to do this for a long time now, but I really didn't want to, and I didn't have time to, but I'm finally doing it!
So sit back, relax, and get to know me :)

Hello everybody, my name is Thomas-Jye, but I am mononymously known as Thomas. I'm a fresh moth, a relatively new moderator and have been since January/February 2019.
I'm quite active online and in real life. On the Beanblockz server, I mainly play on two servers, Creative 1 and Survival 2, so if you ever see me on either one, feel free to say hi!
As for real life, I do a variety of sports, such as tennis and martial arts, however my favourites definitely have to be basketball and swimming. I don't mean to brag but let's just say I am really good at those activities.

Now let's move onto likes and dislikes.
Ever since 2016, I have gotten into Korean-Pop music! (K-Pop) I really like the style of music, usually having outstanding vocal parts and killer, fire rap segments. My favorite bands at the moment have to be ASTRO, ITZY and TWICE. More of my likes are food - I mean, if you don't like food why are you alive - and I will literally eat anything. I strongly prefer savoury over sweets, however I also have a slight sweet tooth, have you tried cookie dough? It is divine. I also spend a lot of time outside, however when I'm inside, I'm usually inside binge-watching my favourite Netflix or Asian Drama series (Watch Meteor Garden, it's real good.) or raiding my fridge and leaving my family starving haha!
I don't have that many dislikes, as I like to consider myself as an optimistic person (yeah right) who has a bright outlook on life (try again). Some of my minor dislikes are chocolate - sue me, I don't care, I strongly prefer vanilla or strawberry - and the beach, it's good for taking photos, but getting out of the cold water, sunburn and deadly marine life are a large no-no.
Also, have you ever been to the beach and went out of the water to dry up, and then sand gets all over your feet and you have to repeatedly go back to the water to rinse them, but then when you go dry up again they get sandy again? Yeah, annoying I know.

I don't really have hobbies, but I did use to draw, and I wasn't half bad.

Anyways, that's all from me. If you see me online on the server, make sure to say hello!


the chocolate and beach thing was kind of hurTfUl tO mE. but besides thattttt you seem cool and I hope to see you around! :)


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wait omg yes thank you. i think vanilla ice cream is so much better than chocolate