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Hi everybody,

We’re not perfect. Over the past few weeks there has been some controversy surrounding the revamp that was released, and via this post I would like to address some of the recent criticism that we’ve been receiving. Hopefully we can regain your trust and work towards a solution! Here we go...

Ranks Revamp
We have heard your voices in regards to some of the recent rank changes, and realise that some of you may be missing perks or experiencing alterations to an item that you paid for. Whilst we were working on the revamp, the team reviewed all of the current rank permissions, and processed edits where we thoughts those were necessary. I would like to highlight a few of these edits below.

Creative Rank Update
Whilst reviewing the previous Creative Rank permissions, we concluded that the majority of our ranks were extremely unbalanced. Lower tiered ranks were configured to receive most of the perks, and higher tiered ranks were configured to receive almost nothing. This is unfair for players who are spending money on an expensive rank and are expecting a better experience.

A list of all these unbalanced perks is available here, and a list of the updated permissions is also available here. You can see that everything is much more balanced out. Lower tiered ranks now also receive WorldEdit permissions, and in general the situation is a great improvement for everyone, with several new features added which were not previously available.

Other Rank Updates
In addition to the changes made to Creative, we have made several updates to the ranks on our other servers: Survival, Skyblock and Factions. You can review these exact changes for yourself via the links below.
Although much new functionality has been added - there are two main issues as a result of these updates: players losing access to cosmetics, and players losing access to the fix, fly and heal commands. Going forward, we have made the decision to sell these items separately from ranks. However, we understand that for current rank holders this is a huge disappointment. To solve this, we are going to propose the following two solutions:
  • A new section labeled “Reclaim” has been added to the store, and under this section there is a new category called “Cosmetics Reclaim”. All current rank holders will be given a complimentary cosmetic pack that corresponds to the tier of their rank. Click here to see a full list of what you are eligible for. If you hold one of these ranks, the pack you are eligible for can be selected and purchased for free.

  • Under the same “Reclaim” section, there is now a “Perks Reclaim” category. Via the packages in this category, you will be able to reclaim the /fly, /heal or /fix commands which you may have had permission to previously via your rank.
We hope that these solutions compensate for the loss of items/perks, and apologise for the inconvenience over these first few weeks.

NOTE: An issue where pets were not working has now also been fixed.

Discontinued Store Packages
Along with the changes outlined above, we have discontinued a variety of old store packages. If you have previously owned one of these items and no longer have access to the purchase, we ask you to create a Purchase Issue under the right forum category and we will compensate you in a coupon code matching the price of the package (even if discounted). This offer applies to the following discontinued packages:
  • Access to /hdb (Creative)
  • Blocks Kit (Survival)
  • Diamond Kit (Survival)
  • Enchant Kit (Survival)
  • Food Kit (Survival)
  • Stone Kit (Survival)
  • Diamond Kit (Skyblock)
  • Ultra Armour Kit (Skyblock)
  • Stone Kit (Skyblock)
  • Food Kit (Skyblock)
  • Blocks Kit (Skyblock)
  • Raiding Kit (Factions)
  • Gapples Kit (Factions)
  • Base Kit (Factions)
Survival Claim Blocks
Moving on from store issues, we have recently introduced a change to the Claim Blocks system on Survival. With the launch of the revamp, we restricted players to a maximum of 3.000 claim blocks (earning 100 per hour). However, after hearing your feedback, we have changed this to a maximum of 10.000 claim blocks (earning 50 per hour) - which matches the system that we had on the previous Survival Server. Purchasing additional claim blocks will always remain possible via the server store.

In addition to changing the amount of claim blocks, it is now possible to trade claim blocks again with other players via the /trade GUI menu.

AFK Kicker
On launch day, all of our servers included a new AFK kicker - which would automatically push you to one of our Hubs if the server detects that you were inactive for over 3 minutes. We have realised that the community heavily dislikes this feature and removed the AFK kicker effective immediately - making it allowed to AFK again on the server.

Vanilla Enchantments
An updated Token System is available on both our Skyblock and Factions servers, however upon launch we restricted the feature to mainly custom enchantments. We have heard your criticism and recently added Vanilla enchantments to this system as well. This means that you can now trade in your tokens for regular Minecraft enchantments on your items.

New Mailing System
Upon launch, we had removed the in-game mailing system. However, after hearing your feedback, we realised the importance of this system. Therefore we have re-added mail, and made it even better by offering cross-server compatibility. You can now access or send mail to any player in the network, wherever they are, using /mail!

Chat Filter Issues
Recently, we detected an issue with our chat filter - which caused players to get falsely accused of advertising if their message matched against one of our broken filters. We have recently fixed this issue, and removed every warning that the server has automatically given for “advertising” from our system.

Chest Shops & Locking
Two much requested features have now been added to the server: Chest Shops, and Sign Locking. Chest Shops are available on Skyblock and Survival. Sign Locking is available on Survival, and allows you to lock your chest from strangers by placing a sign labeled [Lock] on it.

Spawning Skulls
Due to a bug, players were unable to spawn skulls for themselves and other players on the Creative Server. We are happy to announce that this issue has now been fixed, and the /skull command works as expected.

Forum Changes
Two days ago, we conducted major maintenance on our website which fixed a variety of issues, and implemented new features. A changelog is available below with the most notable changes:
  • Re-implemented the home page with news articles (
  • Re-organised the navigation bar to make it much cleaner
  • Re-added a shoutbox to the main forum list
  • Re-added all of the forums in the Support & Applications section
  • Re-added the functionality of posts auto merging if posted right underneath each other
  • Re-added the “similar threads” functionality upon posting a new thread
  • Separated Community and Server Discussion, and added new forums for each server
  • Added an “Archive” section to each forum in Support & Applications
  • Added new prefixes and tags to more easily distinguish threads
  • Added a “Covers” functionality (you can now add a cover to your own profile)
  • Optimised the “Reactions” feature by removing unnecessary reactions
  • Edited the postbit (user section next to a post) to be cleaner and more informative
Closing Note
We have processed dozens of additional bug fixes, and we thank you for continuously reporting these to our staff. We are very thankful for your feedback and would like to make it easier to report this going forward. Therefore, we are going to push two changes:
  • In order to get your opinion on some of these recent changes, we have opened up a feedback form. We invite you to fill out this survey by answering five simple questions about the state of the server. You can find this form via the following link:

  • We have archived the entire “Suggestions” section, so that the team can start fresh and take a more active approach in responding to your suggestions. I will personally be going over each and every thread, so please re-create your suggestion if your thread was previously unanswered.
That’s it for now!

Thank you,


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Thank you so much for listening to our feedback! I know we might have gotten a bit harsh sometimes but I’m very glad you implemented these changes! The reset is so cool!

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Thank you to the developer team for listening so well to the players and for all your hard work to make beanblockz a better server, and thank you to the players for being patient, listening to mods in regards to the changes and being respectful - or at least not too harsh - while bugs where fixed and issues were altered. I look forward to seeing you all on the new and improved server!


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Thank you! The community appreciates you listening to feedback and working hard to improve the server. Thanks for everything that you do!


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I heavily appreciate this, and I profusely apologise for anything I'd said in the past that was out of turn. Thank you for listening, I am very thankful.


This is why the staff team are so great. I really appreciate you taking the time and reading our feedback and improving the server to better it for all!
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