This is goodbye


So, this has definitely been a long time coming. First of all, my old account, wagwanpiffting got hacked and there is actually no way of me getting into that again. So I am no longer a moderator or a titan anymore (rip.) I bought a new Minecraft account with plans to play beanblockz just like I have been doing for the past 5 years. The creative server has helped me meet SO many amazing people who I'm still in touch with today. Most of these friends do not play anymore because they grew out of their 'Minecraft phase'. However, after logging on as a 'no rank' player I realised how, although I may not be out of the 'Minecraft phase' I have definitely are out of the 'Beanblockz phase'. The toxicity of peoples behaviour really went unnoticed by myself until I experienced the most vulnerable position of all on the creative server. In a nutshell, people are treated so differently based on you social status, in this case being how much money you are willing to pay for a few extra perks (a rank). Having experienced the highest possible level on the hierarchy (a moderator) and the lowest I realised the childish attitude of many of the players. You can't speak in chat if you don't have a rank without some comments about how you're irrelevant or just getting simply ignored. Don't get me wrong I love the beanblockz community, but just not this side of it. After being MIA for months, I have decided to leave beanblockz. I will still be active on hypixel and the hive etc (my username is aestori if anyone wants to say hello!) I'm in a completely different position as a person, I'm taking my GCSE's in a few months, I'm focusing a lot more on my acting (doing TV auditions etc). Therefore beanblockz is a thing of the past, and as much as I hate to see it go, I know that it's for the best and this post is necessary to get me to move on.

Dear anyone I have interacted with on beanblockz (with usernames like wagwanpiffting, ooochickensoup, King_Kylie) : I wish you the best! And thank you for making my beanblockz experience better (or worse lmao) but good luck with your future, have a nice life :)

DaddyLucy , wagwanpiffting , ooochickensoup , king_kylie ,

Lucy Thompson <3


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I don't know you but i will say this

i'm sorry you got hacked, it must've been scary ouch !
have fun and good luck my friend, be on your new journey ! au revoir <3