There's something missing


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Dec 14, 2015
If you've been here for the past 4 years you may be able to remember,

I feel there is something missing in factions. I remember this game which was actually exciting, where many people came on and might find your base. And I remember these PVP battle arenas, once it was so small we would all have our characters huddle around it and try and push other players in. And once before they reset the server they unclaimed all of the spawn, and it was so crazy trying to get out of there haha :D And I remember lot of different people who I don't see anymore, but then one update it changed.
Now I only see 10 people on, and everyone is talking about how their family is a mess, and new different biomes, but everyone is gone. I just remember having fun, and there is something missing or different and I cant recreate it.

Idk maybe its just me but that game used to be the highlight of my time on Minecraft.