Announcement Staff Applications: September/October 2019


Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey all you beans!

It's that time of year again when we are in need of new moderators! Exciting isn't it? We're looking for some awesome new people to join our ranks and help us in taking care of the server. So if you're mature, hardworking and generally wanting to help keep Beanblockz a safe and happy place, then you should give applying a shot and continue reading below for more information on how you can do it!

In order to ensure we pick the right players for the position, we have a set process for applications that you can find below:
  • Forum Application: This is the application form linked at the bottom of the page. The application contains a standard set of questions which will be used to find out some details about you, which will allow us to decide whether or not we think you're a suitable candidate.
  • Discord Interview: If we like your forum application, we will potentially invite you onto either our Discord server where we'll have a short chat (15 minutes or so) where we'll hopefully get to know you a little better - this is nothing to be nervous about, so please don't be! We'll also link you a few videos & screenshots of players breaking the rules and ask you how you'd handle them if you were the moderator who answered the report.
If we're satisfied with your answers and decide to recruit you to our team, we'll invite you to our Slack where you'll get to chat to other staff members for a day or two before you're given the rank in-game. This will allow you to see how we work as a team and get any initial questions out of the way before you jump head-first into the world of moderation!

The requirements for being a staff member on the server are as follows:
  • At least 13 years old
  • Fluent in English
  • Not staff on any other server
  • Relatively clean punishment record
  • Able to speak to us over Discord
  • Able to record gameplay and upload to YouTube
  • Able to take screenshots and upload to a site such as Imgur
  • Able to dedicate at least an hour a day to the server (we're more than happy to make exceptions for this - just make sure you let us know in your application)
Additional Information:
  • Becoming a staff member will not provide you with contact to Joel or Lizzie.
  • Your application must be entirely your own work - if you are found to have copied any part of your application from the internet it will be instantly denied and you will not be able to apply for staff ever again.
  • Please don't rush your application. We're looking for quality applications - something you've managed to write in 15 minutes is most likely not quality!
If this is something you're interested in and you meet our requirements, then please go ahead and fill out the application form here.

Applications will be open until October 18th, so don't rush your applications as you have plenty of time. Remember that once submitted, you cannot edit your application so be sure to check it over before you hit that submit button! The moderators picked from these applications will be announced in the days after the applications close so please be patient!

While staff cannot help you with your applications, we are all more than willing to answer any questions or concerns you might have over being staff, so don't be afraid to ask if you have a question. Or you can check out this thread here.

Good luck to all those applying!
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