Simber's Updated Introduction


So it's been 3 years since my first introduction and I feel the need to introduce myself again as there are many new faces (as well as old faces) to the BeanBlockz server so I just wanted to say hello again and some stuff about me.

My name is Simber and my In-Game Name is SimberTheDragon. You probably all know me already as I play a lot of Skyblock.

Minecraft Background:
1. What made me want to play this game in the first place was my love of watching MC Youtubers. I watched their vids before I was even on MC!
2. I've been playing Minecraft for about 7 years now. I started in February of 2012, a month before my birthday as I had just saved enough allowance to buy an account.
3. I was first on a Harry Potter Server as I am fond of the books and movies. I was a [DA] which means basically I wasn't a [Mod] but I was ranked higher than normal players and purchased ranks. I did go through trials to become a professor but didn't make it unfortunately. I still had a great time and fun memories. But things happen and people change so I later moved on to other servers.
4. I was a Head Administrator on an Elder Scrolls; Skyrim Server that my friends and I created. From there I was taught how to use the basics of World Edit and really see my building improve. Unfortunately the server could not keep up with expenses and was closed down.

Now I have arrived at BeanBlockz and I'm happy to be here. I've made awesome friends so far and I started at Commander rank with /fly. When I wasn't satisfied I bought King and then Titan rank. My best day on here was in July 2017 (7/06/17) when I was lucky enough to get a screenshot with Lizzie [LDShadowLady].

Personal Background:
I am a junior in college and while I'm not majoring in game or computer design, I enjoy being on the computer a lot. Currently taking classes, I'm in 60+ credits into my degree and I'm doing great. Although, I can say college is very different than high school and it does get better!!
I am a person that loves anything that I can get into (ex. Harry Potter, The 100 tv show).
I listen to all types of music but mostly electronic dance music (EDM) and various dubsteps.
You'll always see me wearing a hoodie as I'm always cold.
I have a onesie matching that of my minecraft skin.
My favorite snack is hot cheetos/fries.
Lastly, I recently got into calisthenics and muscle growth.

My ultimate goal on here is to become a Moderator. I truly hope it'll happen so I'll be seeing you all on forums more often. I hope you all enjoyed my little introduction. Thanks for reading.



Welcome back! I'm sure you'd make a wonderful moderator one day! Who knows maybe I'll see you on the team soon ;)