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Content Manager
Content Manager
Hi everybody,

Yesterday, we planned some long overdue maintenance on the Skyblock server and I would like to update you all on some of the changes that we have made during this window, as well as in the past few weeks since the server has been released! Let us know how you feel about these updates in the comments below, and if there is anything that you are missing or would like to see changed/added!

Updated House Style
The look of the server has been reversed to the style that you have been known and used to on BeanBlockz. With this recent reset, we tried implementing a fresh new look - however it was apparent that an overwhelming amount of players were in favour of seeing the old style - so we've reversed it back! This covers the look of chat messages, tooltips, GUIs, scoreboards, tab lists and more.

New Warps
We have added a variety of new warps to the server, including the following:
  • /warp grinder: A new grinder zone, located in the spawn instead of on an isolated island
  • /warp pvp: A large new, dedicated PvP arena as an alternative to the small PvP Pit in the spawn
  • /warp nether: A separate, Vanilla nether world as an alternative to the island nether
Voting is now finally working, so you are able to collect valuable Vote Tokens which can be spent in the /vote shop. There are countless of categories available which you can use to redeem your tokens for, including level blocks, keys, pouches and more!

Island Renaming
It is now possible for players to re-name their island using the /is name command! This allows you to setup a unique team name for you and your island members, which will reflect in server messages and in the island top.

Other Changes
Below are some of the smaller changes which we have made on the server. A lot of these come from your bug reports, so thanks for pointing these out to us!
  • Fixed social spy not working for staff members
  • Added the new server selector menu
  • Fixed the tags and cosmetics menus not working
  • Fixed higher multipliers having priority over lower multipliers
  • Fixed Void Chests and Sell Wands not being sent out when purchased
  • Fixed some items being sent from the store even if the player had no inventory space
  • Fixed the right amount of crate keys being sold on the store
  • Added Crystal Keys to the store
  • Added a new (cheaper) Sell Wand and Condense Wand to the store
  • Added new Stacker and Mob Coin Wands
  • Added new XP, mcMMO and Mob Coin Pouches to the store
  • TItans no longer keep their inventory on death
  • Relocated the mob grinder in the spawn
  • Adjusted the spawn world border
  • Fixed the enchant tables and Enchanter NPC in spawn not working
  • Added a new Leaderboard area in spawn
  • Fixed the placement of some holograms in spawn
  • Added a new broadcast once a package is purchased
  • Fixed the wrong rank showing in the sidebar for those who bought a multiplier
  • Fixed an issue with the Titan kit showing as locked even though it was not
  • Fixed the Curse and Frozen enchantments conflicting with each other
  • Fixed a typo in the special characters error message
  • Stone could be converted into Stone Bricks and sold for more
  • Fixed the wrong colors for rank kits showing on items and in menus
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to teleport others using random teleport
  • Added ChestShop example in the spawn
  • Fixed the Extravaganza island spawning you under a stone ledge
  • Fixed a large variety of small issues with GUIs
  • Staff members no longer have italic text
  • Fixed an issue with Sponsors/Villagers being able to use /nick
  • Changed the double arrow in the chat back to a colon
  • Changed the format of the tooltip shown upon chat hover
  • De-cluttered the chat announcements
  • Fixed Titans being able to enter the PvP zone with god mode enabled (will now auto disable)
  • Fixed the warp menu not working
We'll be back with another announcement very soon!

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