PLEASE be Careful!!


Nov 1, 2015
Hey y’all, it’s been a while since I’ve played here but I wanted to post this just as a reminder to be cautious about who you talk to online, and especially how much personal information you reveal.

Earlier today, I received a dm on Instagram from a guy I met on another server almost 5 years ago. I completely forgot he existed, but I had foolishly told him my name when we were “friends” back then. With just that he was able to find my personal Instagram. How did he still remember it? I don’t know. But it’s scary because it’s been at least 4 years since I last talked to him.

I short, he dmed me three long paragraphs that said how much he “liked me” back then and how “wise” I was. Doesn’t sound that bad until you realize that I was only 13 when I met him on that server in 2014, and from what I can remember, he was over 20.

I really don’t mean to scare anyone with this but it obviously freaked me out because I had completely forgotten he existed up until now. I immediately blocked his account but that doesn’t mean he can’t find me on an alternate account or another social media site. So, please, please be cautious about who you talk to online and how much you tell them about yourself!! Although most people on this server are great and would never do anything creepy/bad, you never know who it really is you’re talking to.
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Jan 27, 2019
This is so true it’s good to be cautious your totally right everyone do be carefull and don’t tell people you personal info i could be dangerous not saying people here are bad i love this community it’s amazing!!:love:


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Dec 3, 2017
Things like this happen to a lot of people and it is wise to share it with people, but just be understanding that putting it on a public platform like the forums isnt the best idea as you have no idea what has happened to others. I agree fully, just be cautious.


Jan 18, 2019
I agree. A few years back I was part of a Roblox group and we were all just friends hanging out until one day one of them asked a girl in the group for nudes. Up until then he seemed like just a friendly guy. And this was also years ago when I was probably 11. I immediately blocked all of his accounts without hesitation. Please, if you ever experience something like this, do not hesitate to do the same, even if it is just a rumor. Please be safe.


Apr 16, 2018
I definitely agree with this. Even though it may be a pg server there is some people out there who aren’t who they seem. Always be careful on the internet never give out any personal information.


Jul 22, 2018
Internet safety should never be overlooked. You do get groomers and it is a reality.

The world is small and I found a friend of mine on Beanblockz and she was from a server that died ages ago- and let me tell you our group of friends who ran that server were tight- but that doesn’t mean you can give your real name to them. (This server was run by a real scetchy guy who faked his own death)

Stay safe and don’t reveal your surname at all costs, town and school. Stay safe everyone.