My thoughts on the revamp - take 2


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Jun 27, 2018
Hi all, it's me again. My first critique of the revamp wasn't very flattering, however, with all of the changes that Jesse announced recently, and after playing around on the new server for a couple of weeks now, I thought that perhaps I should make another thread and give my feelings of all the changes at this point in time.

Firstly and foremost, a huge thank you to @Thomas and @Jesse for listening to everyone's feedback regarding the changes that were initially made and actually responding to them in a manner that I believe should make everyone a whole lot happier with the overall experience on the server.

With the changes that were announced yesterday, most of the cause for complaints has been eliminated. Those of us who had purchased our ranks before got our perks back (/heal and disguise). I haven't tried the disguise yet just because I don't really care for it myself, but I have not been able to get /heal to work for me yet. I've logged out of the server and out of Minecraft itself multiple times but I'm still getting the message that I don't have access to this command (and yes, I did reclaim both of those on the website last night).

I am still loving the addition of MCMMO and all of the benefits that this plugin adds to the game, but there are still a few things that I would love to see addressed.

The stacking of mobs is problematic for those of us with grinders. I'm not sure if that aspect of MCMMO can be turned off, but if it can then I seriously hope that the technical team will do so. It negatively impacts not only grinders, but egg farms and other aspects of the game as well.

Another aspect of MCMMO that I do hope is configurable is the drops from excavating. I like most of them, but do we really need the red mushrooms dropping when we dig? Or cocoa beans?

The tree breaker seems to be broken. Not broken in that it won't work, it certainly does knock entire trees down with a single chop, but where's the wood? I estimate that I lose between 70 and 90% of the wood from a tree if I use tree breaker on it. It's not uncommon for me to only get 3 or 4 wood from a 2x2 spruce tree or jungle tree if I use the tree breaker on them.

I still don't like the colored chat addition. I mentioned it in my original critique, so I won't belabor it again here, but letting everyone change the color of their chat text makes it too easy miss a private message that someone sends you.

There are still some issues with the chat system that I hope will be resolved soon. Pressing /r doesn't always reply to the last person you spoke to, sometimes it just picks someone randomly, so this can lead to embarrassment and confusion when trying to have conversations with people.

Another chat/teleport feature that has been changed and that I think should be changed back is how messages and tp requests show up. I would much rather see the ign of the person sending me a message or tp request than see their /nick. If you get a couple of messages/tp requests really quickly then it is very difficult to respond to the initial message/tp request without scrolling through chat to locate their ign or having to ask in public chat what their ign is.

I've calmed down a bit over the changes to the shop, but I still find it crazy that nether stars are only $1250 and saddles cost $25K. If you want to make beacons accessible to everyone, that's fine, I guess I can understand that. But after farming the skulls for money before the revamp I just wish that the beacon was a status symbol that showed how hard you'd worked towards earning it, now it's just a pretty trinket that everyone can have for next to nothing.

My biggest complaint right now concerns the claim blocks limits. I will quote from Jesse's announcement that was made yesterday:

Survival Claim Blocks
Moving on from store issues, we have recently introduced a change to the Claim Blocks system on Survival. With the launch of the revamp, we restricted players to a maximum of 3.000 claim blocks (earning 100 per hour). However, after hearing your feedback, we have changed this to a maximum of 10.000 claim blocks (earning 50 per hour) - which matches the system that we had on the previous Survival Server. Purchasing additional claim blocks will always remain possible via the server store.

In addition to changing the amount of claim blocks, it is now possible to trade claim blocks again with other players via the /trade GUI menu.

I've bolded the part of this announcement that I disagree with. There was no 10,000 cb limit before the revamp. I had over 50,000 myself. If they want to limit the amount of cb that we can earn by playing then I have no issue with capping 'earned' cb at 10,000, but I seriously believe that we should be allowed to purchase/trade cb from other players with no limit on how many we can accumulate. Aspiring poster designers are left with two choices - leave their work area unclaimed and subject to griefing (I know of at least one map maker that this has happened to already), or shell out real money to purchase the additional blocks. I truly hope that the staff in charge of this decision will re-think this one and give us the opportunity to purchase or trade for an unlimited amount of cb from other players without forcing us to spend more real money to be able to build our dream homes. If they still insist on limiting our cb, then please - set the cap for cb 'earned' from playing at 10,000, and allow for an additional 40,000 cb to be acquired from other players so that we may have at least 50,000 cb before we have to reach for our wallet.

All this being said, I am very much enjoying the server since the revamp, I simply think that there are still some issues that need to be worked out and I hope that the staff will achieve this in a timely manner.