Just a small shop advertisement- Classic


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So yeah, I have a pet shop and a normal shop at /warp Trading post. Previously owned by Jarred, (cosmet1cs) and rubyxx (rat) I have been selling some items recently and haven't gotten pRoFiT yet. So the best way to do so is advertise persistently is the Survival Classic chat and forums. (buy my stuff pls) I sell many items, and u can fluctuate the prices. No iron deals sorry. I'm DawnAndDusk_ by the way. Hope to see you guys around. Anyways, here are some things I sell.

Saddles 2 diamonds each
Spawners 8 each (restocking)
Blaze rods 1 diamond for 32
Fireworks Power 3 1 diamond for 32
Elytra 30 diamonds each
Claimblocks 50 for a diamond
Vote crate keys 1 diamond each
Obsidian 1 diamond for 8
Iron 1 diamond for 16
Horse armour (iron 1 diamond, gold 2, diamond 3 diamonds)
Leads 1 diamond for 4

There is a chance that I'll bring back shulker shells although they sold out pretty fast when I have 15 in stock.

And in the pet shop, I sell pets for

Cats 3 diamonds
Dogs 1 diamond
When buying animals in bulk (5 or more) you get a one diamond off discount! Yayyyy
Free lead with every animal purchased. Also taking fish as money and kills in PvP.
Currency in pet shop (exclusive)
1 diamond for 5 gold
1 diamond for 2 kills in /warp PvP
1 diamond for 8 fish (normal fish, salmon, clownfish AND clownfish, no shoes)

I'm normally on for over 3 hours a day, if I don't respond at first, I might be looking on YouTube for another Reddit video to watch or building. Please no iron deals I beg. No item for item trades. Looking for partnerships. I'll pay people 75% of the selling price to stock items for me. So there. Paying YOU diamonds to give me some easy found stuff. As I don't have all day to stock everything. /Mail me, private message me in game or message me on forums for a partnership. Please provide things I should sell in the replys. I live in Britain so I'll be on at around 9am-7pm BST. Not all through that time frame of course though.