It's skinny camel not skinny c for mel. thank you. (beanblockz history)


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Well i've been around bean blocks for a good 4-5 years but the people rotate so often i'm sure there are many who don't know me at all!

It tis I, camm.
Ok so here's some minecraft history. FIRST! i played sky block all the way back in 2015. THEN after about 6 months I converted to a hard care creative role player (cringe ik but those were t h e d a y s.) i had a solid more than 4 thousand hours on creative 2 ( which was actually the popular one back then) and about 2 thousand on creative 1. THEN TRAGEDY STRUCK. I stopped playing minecraft out of boredom, i honestly don't know how i stopped for so long but it happened. i then came back sometime around 2016 possibly 2017 and creative 1 was now T H E server. Of course i played to my hearts content 7 hours a day straight along with a bestie i am still friends with. THEN one day there was rumor that JOEL! yes the small of the beans, the almighty was on sky block. (not even sure how i remember this- oh, this may or may not be when his series started idk.) This was probably now late 2017- 2018. I fell in love with sky block and i played there with my bestie for ever! on that server i finally graduated from sponsor rank, yes that's the only thing i've EVER bought online, and was gifted knight rank by my bestie!! i love her. I became a hard core pvper during that sky block time. That must have been 4 sky block resets ago btw. I had over 5000 kills and more thank 43 thousand island levels (which was a lot back then) and was consistently #4 on /is top.

Then tragedy struck. yet again. My bean blocks stopped working.... i could no longer play on the beloved server....
i was contacted by one of my sky block friends through discord, while they begged me to come back on. I explained i could not but i would try for them. THEN A MIRACLE HAPPENED as my 12 year old computer let me once more onto the server of the beans and i quickly fell back into an addiction of the game yet again. Of course, this was after the grand reset. EVERYTHING WAS GONE. My money, my streaks, my kills, my levels, my builds, even all my friends had quit. No one remained. Only about 2 friends, played on the server compared to befriending the entire community before. It was tragic.

I quickly lost interest in sky block after the only point was to just sky rocket my island levels. I was bored. the PVP arena sucked. No one was ever on, i needed to move...

SO OF COURSE i joined survival 2 i believe, mid 2018 and FelL in love. I made great friends, Champ, Hannah, Jingle, Dreamy, beige and many more who either left or are still friends with me to this day. but of course. disaster struck yet again...... my bean blocks broke again. so i was off for about 5 months. I then came back early 2019 somehow but due to my old computer not being that compatible and person issues i was suck alone again.... i stopped february and didn't take a step back till august 2019. BUT THEN I WAS BACK FOR LIKE A WEEK BUT THEN I WAS GONE AGAIN!
It is now 2020 and i came back at the very start of the year. I have a new computer so i pray that it won't break.

I'm so grateful for all the friends i've made. Even if they become toxic over the years, quit, lost interest, lost contact or what ever, i'm glad i had every experience...

THANK YOU for listening to my minecraft journey. If you want an actual intro of me with facts about myself just ask or don't idk.