intro ver. 10000


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yo it be ur girl kryztal back with yet ANOTHER intro bc i can't make up my mind aHA.

numero uno:
me, @beetlejuiced and @haengsyo are kind of a dream team in life. come at us and you will perish i promise you that.

numero dos:
theatre kid alert; i love musicals with all my heart. as soon as my school said our show was gonna be a show with lots of different musical songs i practiced about 10 different songs when i only needed 2. i still got a major part and my charatcers name is literally crystal so someone exposed me.

numero tres:
my real name is actually scarlett *shock* *horror* ik madness. i use kryz bc like idk its wayyy cooler than scarlett so thats that.

numero four idk spanish:
creative is my place to be !! my ign be byulharangs so if you see me online then say hi. i also have a warp /warp kyoshiihouse so to see about a month and a half worth of work (which is still going on may i add) then yeah have fun.

numero sink o:
im a dancer and have been for ab 5 years. it's a major passion of mine and i do ab 5-6 hours every week bc it's all i can afford aHA. yeah um i love my tdu family a whOLE bunch so yeah.

number six frick foreign languages:
as soon as i was told i didn't have to choose a language for gcse's i cried and celebrated for a month. languages. suCK. so much. thank the heavens i didn't choose one bc all my friends that did heavily regret it and always come running to me and i laugh at them bc they're dumb.
oh yeah i'm in year 10.
oh oh yeah i'm from the uk.

anyways hope if anyone reads this then they hope to be my friend i'm vvv lonely so yeah. don't be scared to say hi to THE kryztal (you should feel blessed if i talk to you uwu). anyways yeah, peace out broskis, and remeber; logan paul had the mental capacity of a frying pan.

stan the sidemen

oh, and kpop. i'm a kpoppie ik kill me it's such a sin. speaking of sins, i'm emo so stan p!atd, fob, mcr (my kings are returNING) and all the other rock bands people give me band to listen to k thanks.
stan slayyyter and have a good day <3