I'm sorry, no this is not a James Charles apology video.


If you don't know me and have never heard of me, you can just leave this thread. Or you can stay, it doesn't matter.
For those who do know me, I'm back. Really it's obviously not a big deal.
But it is a big deal (for me) for what I want to say.
I've been an annoying little pain who starts rumours, tea and arguments. I don't listen to people who just want me to go away. I'm rude and arrogant online and I shouldn't be.
I started Beanblockz in 2015 and I've met so many amazing people who have impacted a ton on how I see the internet today, in a positive way obviously.
It just came to my senses, surprisingly, that I was a massive jerk who needs to shut up and needs to apologise to everyone who has been harassed etc by me.
I'm sorry to all the mods and ex-mods who've met me and know that I'm a big, spammy nuisance.
I'm sorry to everyone who fell for my lies and rumours.
I'm sorry to everyone who I was a fake friend to, and how I should of been there for them.
I'm sorry for all the tea and arguments I've started, which is a lot, and I'm sorry that it was always some innocent person who got into trouble and not me.
I'm literally just sorry for being a bad person in general here, and I know this doesn't make up for anything. I should be saying this to people individually, but believe me; there is a long list of people.
If we were friends sometime during my time on Beanblockz, I'd love to be friends again. It's people like me who made this community toxic and I really wish I'd never been a part of that little group who did.
This was in no way for any attention at all, merely just an apology.
I want to start this year and decade happily and I hope you start it happily as well!
-Gryff, or just call me imo ❤
Btw, I was mainly on survival red, then survival blue, then survival 2 and now I have literally no idea about the new survival servers.