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Hey guys,

So I know there have been a couple people who are confused on how to upload screenshots and video evidence to player reports because it is not possible to directly paste them without uploading first. Here is a little tutorial on how to upload and paste the links to the reports section of BeanBlockz forums. There are other websites where you can post your screenshots and videos to get a link, but I find YouTube and Imgur the easiest ones for me. Feel free to use a website you are more familiar with.

Hope this helps! :)


First: The easiest way to upload screenshots is from which will give you a link for the image once you upload and then can copy and paste it.

Second: Once you get to it will look something like this:

Even though it says to sign up or sign in, you are not required to create an account in order to upload an image. However, if you want to be able to save the picture then I recommend you make an account.
Whether you have an account or not, at the top left there is a tab that says "New Post". Click the tab and a drop-down menu will show a list of options that you can do. When uploading evidence, you will want to click the “Upload images” tab.

Third: After pressing the tab it will bring you to this pop-up:

Click “Browse” and it will then take you to your folder where all your downloads, screenshots, videos, etc. are located.

Fourth: Once your file folder comes up, go to whichever place your screenshots are located and click on the picture you wish to upload. Once the link is copied to the "File Name" at the bottom click "Open" and the screenshot should automatically upload to Imgur.

Fifth: When the photo is uploaded there will be a link to the right of the image where you can copy and then paste.

Once copying the link, you are all set to paste the evidence to your player report!


First: is one of the preferred ways to upload video evidence. Now unfortunately you do need an account to upload videos, but it is free and easy to create. Once you log in/create an account there will be an "Upload" button located to the top right that you will have to click.

Second: When you click the "Upload" button a screen will come up where you can click to open your file folder just like what was done for imgur.

Go to your videos section of the folder and click whichever video you wish to upload to YouTube for evidence. Make sure the video name is in the "File Name" section and then click "Open"

Third: Immediately the video will begin uploading and processing to YouTube; this may take a while depending on your computer and video. Once it finishes processing you can click "done" and successfully upload the video to YouTube. (Make sure the video is under either Public or Unlisted so when you paste the link Mods can see the evidence)

Fourth: YouTube will then bring you to the link of your newly posted video where you can copy and paste the link into the evidence section of a report.
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