Hide & Seek Event Map Submissions!


Hi everyone!

As you can probably tell by the title, I will be opening Hide & Seek map submissions for our events hosted by our event staff team. One of my main jobs as head event staff is to help come up with new ideas & one of the ideas I've had for a while is this because I think this will be a super fun way to involve the community into events more!

So how this will work is anybody who wants to submit a map to possibly be used for a hide and seek event needs to create a plot/build/map on Creative and make sure to add the few requirements that we have for the maps that will be listed below.

Map Requirements:
  • One plot size (No merged plots - Will take too long)
  • 20+ individual hiding spots (We generally get a good number of people & we need more than enough hiding spots to accommodate that!)
  • Starting area/box (Include a board for Rules & Info and enough space for a medium to large amount of players)
  • Secured area for players who have been found to be tped into
  • Must be built on the Beanblockz Creative Server

Once you've completed your map, please comment with the format below filled out. If your map is chosen by one of the members of event staff to be used, it will be replied to stating so and you should expect a forums dm from them.

Map Submission Form:
  • IGN:
  • Plot ID:
  • Theme:
  • Screenshot(s): * Please do not include hiding spots in these screenshots if possible.
I hope to see quite a few people participating in this! There's no time frame or due date and you can submit multiple maps at any time as long as they're completed.