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hey, my name is rin and i play on survival blue/2! this reset has absolutely been my favourite and i love all my friends so damn much on here! since the revamp is in two (2) days, on friday, i would like to share some of the most memorable moments i've had on this gamemode. i'll be tagging the credit of the builds that i'll post to the owners.
thank you for making this reset the best it can possibly be. you all are my best friends and i love you so so so so so damn much!!!!!!!!
you all are so freaking strong and whatever happens next, i know ya'll be able to handle it.

1. my birthday

this was one of my favourite moments on the server, thank you for making this the best day i've ever had. you all wrote me a card with these gorgeous messages and i cried reading it. (with happiness, of course!) i will never be able to thank corey @cvpid enough for doing this for me!!!! thank yoou

2. stuck in hub
the day where survival 2 broke and we were stuck in hub for three-five hours. even though we werent at home, we still had so much fun!! i loved this and i'll never forget it. we were all in a music call and jamming out to high school musical, pushing each other off hub and justhaving so much fun.

3. yink yoink yeehaw club
we took this screenshot for my survival 2 discord server, but it turned out it was for nothing. oh well, its another memory i have stored in my screenshots folder that i'll turn back to later. it was a hassle getting everyone to this but im glad they did turn up. yink yoink yeehaw club is my family and i love them all so so so much. i made this discord this reset and i've never regretted it.

4. clayfaire

clayfaire has been my biggest ever project and im so happy to share it with you. its not even near finished but i'll never be able to finish it now since its resetting. my friends and i live in the houses here- you see the green acacia one? thats mine. and the one opposite with the market looking cover is my friends' izzie and izzys!

5. survival 2's /warp mall
this was created by my really good friends @devianceone and @snxggles !!!! they've worked so hard and i really appreciate them!! they've gone through alot and im so glad to see them still running happily- they deserve the best.

6. finally... 6.

this was taken today. the day this revamp was all announced. the day we were all devastated that something would happen to our server. @beige @inlovee @Megami @fergie @nicolinaa we spent this last day killing everyone in pvp, marriage ceramonies (congrats ferg and nicki!) and just having a cool day together- because we might not see each other again.

you all mean the freaking world to me!!! you're all what kept me here and you're all my family. if we all dont go to the next reset- i'll miss you. i love everyone equally so much so please take care of yourselves. i'll hopefully see you all next reset- take care bbs <333
people i havent tagged yet: @blissu @thomass @yinxii @Resoll @webarebears @bbellaa @jxred @courtney @avaxx @Bruin @Diyaholic @minseoholic @mackie @trIssues @dreamyyy @spacemanriku @Angelll @smhbee @Sakana @itseddie_ @simplygryffindor @neptoonyy @heyophobic @Scaffo @zhen and many others <3



:(((((((((( they're gonna replace our precious survival2 with some vanilla server probably and we'll be shoved into one server with another server. both servers literally dislike eachother so much and the fact that they can just look past that like this is tragic. it'll be so chaotic but rest in peace beanblockz :pensive:

side note to all that stuff:


Tysfm for making Survival/2 awesome!! We love you!! Hopefully we can make everything better after the reset!! <333


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aaa ily!!! another thing to add to the list: when we were all crying and freaking out one minute before it was supposed to shut down and it was 40 minutes late lMAO