Announcement Global Reset Announcement | Friday Dec 5th @ 9AM EST

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Content Manager
We are running into some issues and have rescheduled the release to tomorrow! See you then!

Hi everyone,

We hope that you are doing well in these troubling times. As the world is shut down, it’s platforms like Minecraft that are keeping us together and allow us to enjoy the company of our online friends. Although things have been at a standstill lately, we’re happy that BeanBlockz can contribute towards keeping you entertained!

Today we are excited to announce an overdue update to BeanBlockz that will make our network ready for the holidays. This update will schedule a reset for three of our gamemodes: Survival, Skyblock and Factions. Let’s jump into the details so you can learn more about it.

Reset Information
As with our previous server resets, all progress will be set back to zero. You will lose your current progress, balances and inventories to make place for the new servers. Ranks, tags, cosmetics and multipliers are transferred to the new server automatically and will not be lost. Any consumables which you may have purchased up to 14 days before the reset will be reimbursed, and if an item you purchased is no longer available, you may submit a purchase report in order to receive compensation.

The Survival Classic server has been discontinued and will be closed at the moment of release. All players who have qualifying purchases will be entitled to a voucher for the amount that they paid at checkout. Please make a purchase report after the reset if this is the case for you.

Creative is excluded from this reset, all content there will remain in-tact.

Release Date
These brand-new servers will release on Saturday, December 5th at 3AM EST (2PM BST). The existing Survival, Skyblock and Factions servers will be taken down 6 hours in advance (at 8AM EST) to do the necessary preparation work. For a countdown which adapts to your own time zone, please click here.

This reset we are adding a variety of new and much requested features to the server. Below we would like to highlight just a few which will be available to you this Friday.

Version Update
One of the major challenges which we were facing during our past resets was being able to update our servers to the latest version of Minecraft. I am happy to announce that all of the 3 gamemodes included in this reset will be running on the latest version of Minecraft 1.16, allowing you to use all of the new features from the updates. Previously our servers were running 1.12 - so there is a lot to catch up on!

New Core Plugins
For Skyblock and Factions we are introducing two brand-new core plugins which will allow you to manage your island and faction. These plugins are aimed to increase functionality and will allow you to customise your island or faction to levels which you haven’t been able to before. Intuitive new menus will allow you to change settings, add new members, setup permissions, create warps, fund your bank account, view the top lists and much more, all from just a few clicks. We believe that this will make managing your game on these servers much easier!

On the Skyblock server we are releasing Minions, which is a feature which has been requested many times by the community. These tiny little companions will help boost your island by completing tiny little tasks that you would otherwise have to do yourself. Each minion has its own purpose, so a wide variety of them are available each with their own special skill. For example, a Miner minion will help mine ores on your island, and a Slayer minion will help you kill mobs. These Minions will really help to boost your island to new heights.

New Cosmetics Pack
On all of our servers - including Creative - we are releasing a new Mega Cosmetics Pack, which includes a variety of brand-new pets and disguises which we were able to add due to the 1.16 update. This pack will be available in our shop after release.

For Skyblock and Factions we are releasing a bunch of new upgrades which you can purchase using in-game money to make your island or faction more powerful. For Skyblock, we have added new crop growth and spawner multipliers, and Factions has received a variety of new upgrades, including a fight damage increase, TNT and chest bank upgrades, as well as warp limit upgrades and more.

For Survival, we are adding a bunch of new Wands, including a Builder Tool, Drain Tool and Harvester Hoe. This should help make common tasks on the server much simpler! Depending on community response we are also looking into making these available for our other gamemodes.

Chunk Busters
For Factions, we have added Chunk Busters - allowing you to clear chunks of land super easily without having to excavate the whole area. This will greatly help you and your faction to clear land!

Final Note
And there’s more… These are just a few of the new features which we have added to our brand servers. Have we mentioned that custom builds are back? Our team has really shown us their best to make some of our best server spawns yet!

We can’t wait to see you on Friday to experience these brand-new servers, and as always we’ll keep an eye out in the comments to hear your feedback :).

See you on Friday!

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