Poll Get To Know Your Staff Beans: Week 153 - jalexander!

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MamaDuckie ♡

Community Manager
Community Manager
I know we have the 'Introductions' section on forums, but sometimes it gets a bit messy and staff might not have a thread created there(or it's lost somewhere deep inside the many pages). So what is a little bean to do when they're curious about the staff and can't find them online to ask? Well, you interview them of course! So until I run out of staff to post about or they all get sick of me asking them things, I'll be featuring a different member of staff on our Instagram, along with some questions they've answered - questions that you all have asked and want to know.

  • No inappropriate questions. Everything must be within the rules of the server, forums and community.
  • No questions that are too personal or too intrusive to their lives inside or outside of game. This includes asking for their snapchats, personal Instagrams/Twitters, Discord, other personal social media accounts, etc.
  • No questions related to punishments, social spy, current/future events for the server, etc.
  • No questions relating to politics and/or questions that could cause issues/drama.

What kind of questions can I ask/should I ask?
That's entirely up to you. Do you want to know something that they favorite? Their favorite color, movie, animal, etc? How did they feel when they found out they got mod/what did they do? Best vacation ever? Do they like to travel? Left or right? Do they like Disney? Their favorite mini-game on Minecraft? Their most played game besides Minecraft? How they found out about BeanBlockz?

Use your imagination and come up with some great questions I can ask them. Come up with some that will really make them think if you'd like.

Will all of the questions be asked/featured? That really depends on the week. If there are too many questions, I'll choose a few at random. I'm hoping to have more than 6 questions, but no more than 12 questions. I don't need to be writing a book all over each Instagram post!

How will we know which staff is being featured for the week? Each week I'll post in the Media/Arts section here on forums alerting you to which mod will be featured the following Friday. I'll also make a post on our Discord about it and on our forums wall.

Will the staff know who's asking which questions? Not unless the staff are stalking my threads. Something tells me that some of them will.

Where can I post my questions that I want to ask the featured staff? Can I send them privately to you? The only place that I'll be accepting these questions is in the thread here in Media/Arts. Questions sent privately will not be accepted. I get far too many DM's as is and I may not end up getting to your DM before the question asking deadline hits each week.

Can I submit more than one question? Of course, you can ask multiple questions, however, I might not feature all of them unless there's very few questions that week. Remember that other people might want to ask things too, so don't go too crazy!

When is the deadline to submit my questions? Seeing as how I need time to interview the staff member and write everything up, the deadline will be Wednesday night around 11pm EST. I'll be locking the thread that night. The following week's thread will be posted every Friday before 11pm EST.

This coming Friday - 11/12/21 - our featured staff member will be jalexander!