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Heya!! My name's Skip(EmmaSkip), and I'm commonly found on the skyblock server. I made lots of new friends this year thanks to BeanBlockz and I'm happy to make more!

How long have I played on BBZ?: I've been playing skyblock on BeanBlocks since 2015/2016 and dang.. it's changed a whole lot.

My hobbies?: I like drawing and organizing stuff.

Favourite movie/book?: 'Ghost in the Shell(several adaptations), and Howl's Moving Castle(book version).

Favorite colour?: Purple by a long shot.

Allergies?: I'm allergic to 90% of animals, grass, some bugs, pollen, and mint.

Unique things in general?: My family is from Hungary in Europe so occasionally we go on vacation there. Its an odd experience for me because I can barely understand the language. When I was there last I had this icecreme and it's flavor was rose. It was probably the best icecreme I had. Other foods I like from there is csiga noodles. I call them wedding noodles because they are found in weddings alot due to culture, but their really good.

Well that'll have to be a wrap for today, come and say hi to me on skyblock if you have the chance!

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Hello! I'm Chenoa your local meme
I've been playing BBZ since late 2016/early 2017.
I'm extremely active on BBZ, and if you log on there's a pretty good chance I might be on as well. I'm a Creative player, but I also play Survival now and then.
I do a lot of art, music, and dance. I also have a friend wall where all my friends sign! I'm a half OG player, and I was around during the 2 C2 attacks. I spend a lot of my time on BBZ joining different clubs, helping with builds, and making weird convos with people. I'd say I'm pretty well known on Creative, and I'm not always the nicest, but I do make some pretty good friends if I say so myself! HOW I GOT MY NAME: One day I was building with my friend and we were calling on skype. Since I was working on something else, I had asked her in the call if she could write down my RP name for me "Shinowa". When I went back to see what she wrote, it had said "Chenoa". Instead of asking her to change it, I just kept it and the rest is history. If you see me on, don't be afraid to say hi!
[Knight]spookychenoa: I'm on Creative!
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