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Hey everyone!

For those who follow our other Instagram series 'Get To Know Your Staff Beans', you'll love this spin-off of it for players! That's right, players! With the help of @jxred whom, if none of you knew, works closely with me to bring you all the lovely videos on Instagram we have come up with a way in order to do it for players as well. Much like the other series, this will be a once a week post on our Instagram, however there will be no voting for who gets featured. If you'd like to be part of this, then there are a few steps you have to follow in order to qualify, a few requirements that have to be met and some rules that have to be followed. So if you're interested in seeing how you can get involved, then keep on reading below!

Rules and Requirements
  • In order to qualify, you must post a small paragraph about yourself in this thread that is no more than 200 words long and a selfie of you on BeanBlockz. The selfie has to be uploaded to an image hosting website such as(and preferably) We also need your IGN so that we can let everyone know who we're featuring. If the selfie is not on our server or the IGN is not provided, or the paragraph is more than 200 words, then it does not meet the correct requirements and we will be unable to feature you. All three of these requirements must be met in the same post, and we're not going to go looking through dozens of posts to match things up.
  • All paragraphs, images and IGN's must conform to our rules. This includes, but is not limited to skins, topics of discussion in the paragraph and IGN's.
  • All images must be of only you and we would prefer no chat in the image as well. It can be taken anywhere on the BeanBlockz Network that you wish to take it - even if you're using it to show off a build of yours.
  • No private information is allowed to be shared in your paragraph, this is for your own safety.
  • Paragraphs are not to have any form of advertising to follow your Insta, YT Channel, another server, etc.
  • To anyone on the Factions server, keep in mind that if you submit an image that accidentally has your base coords or other information that could get you raided, we are not responsible for it and the image will not be taken down, so make sure that you check your images before submitting them.
  • Only one feature per player. This does not mean make an alt forums account and post for your random alt account so you get featured twice. It means one per player.
  • When will the player features be posted? Much like our one for staff, the player features will be done once a week at roughly 12am EST on Monday.
  • How will you choose who to feature next? All features will go in order of them being posted to this thread. If we are on week 19 and you were the 28th person to post your paragraph, then you will be featured on week 28.
  • I'm having trouble getting a selfie and/or uploading it. What can I do? You can always ask a member of staff to help you get a selfie, upload it to an image hosting site for you and then send you the link to it. I'm sure they will be willing to lend you a hand for a few minutes in order for you to be able to qualify!
  • I accidentally posted my paragraph before I entered my IGN and/or image link. Now what? You have two options. 1) You can ignore it and make a new post. or 2) You can ask a member of staff to delete the post you didn't finish and post a new one.
  • Why can't we vote for the player feature or ask them specific questions like for the staff one? Well, it's a lot easier for a member of staff to be tracked down than it is for me to find a player and make sure they get in the proper qualifying requirements to me in time for the post. As for the voting, there are far more players than there are staff and it would be impossible for me to think up five new names each week to put for voting. This was is just far simpler and less likely to cause arguments.
  • How come there's a word limit for our paragraphs? Instagram has a limit for the number of characters per post which is 2,200 characters(around 300 words), but I also need room to write a small introduction on the post to introduce the featured player and put in the tags.
  • Are staff allowed to post here to be featured? That is a tricky one, as this thread will be left open indefinitely. The best was to answer is...if they are a former staff(not a current one), then yes, they are technically a player and are more than welcome to post here to be featured. If they post here as a player and then become staff while their post is still here and unused, then the post will be skipped as they will then be considered as staff and we already do staff features.
  • What happens if you run out of player features to post? I'm hoping this won't be the case, but if this does happen then we will cross that bridge when we come to it.
  • Can I respond to other players posts in this thread? Yes you may, but please don't let it turn into a huge discussion. A short little message is fine, but take any long conversations to DM please.
  • I don't know what to write! Please help! You're in luck! As I stated from the start, I've had help on this series creation from Jared who has kindly come up with a few questions you can use to create your paragraph if you have no idea what to write. These questions are not mandatory, they're just a helping hand if you get stuck! You can find them below.
Questions you can answer if you don't know what to write(not mandatory):
  • What do you enjoy most about spending your time here on Beanblockz?
  • Which is your favorite gamemode server and why?
  • When did you first join the server?
  • What is your favorite memory you have made on the server or in life?
  • If you could have any kind of pet what would it be and why?
  • If you could have one thing that you have always wanted what would that be and why would you want it?
  • What is your dream job and why?
  • Who do you look up to in day to day life?
  • What are your favorite activities to do?
  • Where are your favorite places to visit?

So there you have it! A 'Get To Know Your Player Beans' for you all. Maybe you'll learn something cool about your fellow players - or about yourself! Or perhaps you'll end up making a new friend from this! Whatever your reasoning behind wanting to participate in this series is, we hope you all have fun with it and we can't wait to get to know a little bit more about the community in the process!



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interesting ! sounds great, good luck people [:
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Everyone should take part in this !! It's a really fun opportunity to get on the instagram ! Remember that your paragraph needs to be in the comments in this thread. Hope everyone takes part and everyone has fun !!


Hi! My name is Koda (ign: KodaIsAFrenchFry) and I’m a pretty regular player on beanblock. I love to make roleplay a and cute (huge) builds, I’m actually working on one on my plot. If the whole building roleplays thing wasn’t obvious enough, I love creative. Mainly because I suck at survival related things, and I play in creative mostly anyways. Most of my favorite memories of the server are from my roleplays, and the ones that I’ve worked on. Like at one point I made an elaborate haunted orphanage roleplay, not here anymore but that is a memory I have and will never forget. A little about my personal life, I love and adore animals so much, and I want to be something in the veterinary field (mostly vet tech). But for now I’m working on my youtube, not going to say what it is but I do have a channel that I post on for fun. I don’t want to make this to long but, I love Beanblockz it was the one of the first servers that I joined when starting off as a Minecraft player. Took me a while to get used to the creative part, but after I did, I loved it! ❤fullsizeoutput_72.jpeg

(I don't know if I post it here or not. But here it is)


Hi! My name is PaleTurquoise. You can just call me Pale. I like to pvp. I also enjoy building on the creative server on BeanBlockz. I first joined the server a week ago. If I could have one thing, I would like to have an Ohaus Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Mechanical Triple Beam Balance with Tare, 20000g x 1g. These things are beautiful. I would want this so I can make measurements and be certain to the thousandth place. My dream job is to be a doctor so I can save others and help them. I look up to Andrew Lee. Had he have so much time yet he made such a difference in the racing world. My favorite activities to do is to play videogames. Yea I know "what a nerd." My favorite place to go is to school because that's where I usually meet my friends. I am PaleTurquoise.



Greetings, I am Akryloth. (IGN)

Since I am not allowed to share any private information, just call me Akry.
Beanblockz is a server with a decently lively creative world and since I love building I think I can be at home here. Love building stuff, build spawns, hubs etc for some smaller servers but looking for a little bit of friendly competition and fun.

There’s a list of q’s provided so why not answer a few of them. That’s why these odd numbers.

1: Spending time on building things is what I enjoy most, but enjoy survival from time to time too.

3: Join date is the 12th of september 2019

5: Do mythical pets count? Because that would be a dragon, if that wasn’t obvious… Otherwise a crocodile.

6: Something I’ve always wanted is a big mansion irl.

7: My dream job is a designer in a theme park. But in the sense of realism, I’m studying to become an architect.

9: (Fav activities) Gaming, sleeping… and listening to music.

If you find yourself in the competitive creative server, I’m almost always willing to help.
That was it for now, let’s work wonders together.


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Yo, I'm Kryztal, Kryz for short! (IGN: byuharangs) I'm an active creative player on bbz and have been playing for just over a year! Im a prominent builder on creative and I'll often be at building comps. I'm always willing to help other players and I'm open to new friends! My favorite memory from here has probably been finishing /warp kyoshiihouse, which is what im standing infront of. I'm not much of a pvp person but I'll be on survival 1 and skyblock occasioanlly. I'm very much into the arts and I like to think of myself as a triple threat; I can sing, dance AND act. My dream is to work on broadway! Feel free to say hi if you ever see me online, I'd love to make new friends and building helpers. Hope to see you soon < 3



Hello! I'm Natty, aka bluetulips on MC. I've been on BBZ since 2016, NOT on October but a few days after my birthday which is May. I'm a big survival player, and used to also be a Prison player, until it died down with players. I occasionally go on Skyblock with my wife @Light, we've been bestfriends ever since we met each other. My favorite memory of the server was probably when all my friends used to play on Op Prison, and we'd have fun by going into PvP and start little dramas, about "girl, why you touch my man" and funny things, and we'd be going at each other like "I'm gonna pull your weave off if you don't stop going by my woman/man", so yeah I miss those days, and what I like about the server is that I can meet new players, and help them if necessary, and that it's just a really fun server to be on.
I'm a fan of multiple things. I like music, for instance kpop, pop, rap, dubstep, and others. I love food, like I'd be eating 24/7 if I could, but my favorite would be ice-cream! I sometimes do art, I've been doing drawings for a while but stopped since I've been travelling/sailing across the Caribbean, and yes I live on a boat. I'm going to start playing the ukulele soon, well practicing it.
My dream pet(s) would be a corn snake, a rainbow parakeet and a pomeranian puppy. My dream job.. well I'd like to become a veterinarian, but that'd take a lot of studying in school. My favorite places to visit, used to be the beach back at the island I used to live at, with my friends. My favorite activities to do are sleep, eat, listen to music, eat again, draw, swim, cook/bake, and torture my cat with kisses! My favorite color is blue, and you'll see me change my skins a lot since I can't find THE skin I like.
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