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Hello everyone!

Staff are often asked the same questions multiple times a day. To make it easier for players, we've complied a list of questions that are the most frequently asked and created this list for you! If you cannot find your answer here, feel free to message a staff member your question for more help!


What is the IP for BeanBlockz?

The IP is

What are the server/forums rules?
The server rules can be found here. Please ensure that you familiarize yourself with them before playing.

How do I report someone for breaking the rules?
Player reports can be filed here.

How do I report a bug or issue I found on the server?
Bug reports can be filed here.

I’ve been wrongfully banned! What do I do?
If you feel you’ve been wrongfully banned, you can make a ban appeal here and a higher staff member will look over the report and see where you or staff went wrong.

How do I get a rank?
Ranks are purchasable in our webstore:

Can I use mods? // Which mods can I use on the server?
We do allow certain mods to be used on the server. There is an approved list of mods in the thread.

How can I become a staff member?
If you'd like to become a staff member, you can apply
here on our forums once every 90 days.

Help! I didn’t receive something I purchased in the store.

If you have lost your rank or didn't receive an item you purchased, try using the 'Reclaim' option on our store. In the event that this does not fix your issue within 24 hours, you can make a post here where the issue will be looked into and dealt with as soon as possible.

I don’t want my rank anymore, can I transfer it to a friend?
At this point in time, no. You have purchased the item for yourself, on your own account, which is where it will stay.

Why do servers restart every 24 hours? Will I lose my stuff?
In order to keep our servers running as efficiently as possible, they automatically restart every 24 hours. You will not lose anything during these restarts.

Can I play using MCPE or Windows 10 Minecraft?
Unfortunately, our server does not work with MCPE. The only way to be able to play on BeanBlockz is through a PC Purchased copy of Java Minecraft.

What is a reset? // When is the next reset?
A reset is what happens when we update our servers to keep up to date with Minecraft versions and to provide players with new content. Resets clear all the stats of that specific server - as well as vaults, echests, inventories, money and builds. Everyone has to start over from scratch. Updates will be announced on our Twitter and Forums a few days in advance.
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