Important Discord Rules/Guidelines! (Latest Update on: 07/08/19)

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Community Manager
Discord Rules

The rules are in place to protect staff and players alike. Everyone is expected to follow the rules, no exceptions. Rule breakers will be subject to punishment.

General Rules
  • English only in chats and voice chats.
  • Don't play music in public channels. Music belongs in the music channel only.
  • Don't troll, disrespect, threaten or harass other players.
  • Don't give yourself an inappropriate/disrespectful name or avatar.
  • Don’t spam the chat channels, or spam tag(@) people.
  • Don’t share IP’s, advertise other servers or discords in the public chats or via DM's to our members.
  • No inappropriate conversations.
  • Don’t bypass bans on the Discord. If you’re banned and feel like you were wrongly banned, make a Ban Appeal.
  • No swearing or bypassing of the filter of any kind. Repeated offenders will be punished.
  • If a member of staff tells you to change your behavior, do it. Don't argue about it in public chats - instead DM that staff member privately.
  • Don't bring the topic of bans, warns, mutes, kicks or any forum of punishments into discord. If have an issue with having been punished, make a ban appeal or speak to a member of staff in DM to discuss it.
  • Don't cause unnecessary drama.
  • No voice changers.
  • Our discord is not the place to advertise about selling your accounts. If you wish to sell them, find another location in which to do so.
  • Using reactions to be rude, disrespectful or inappropriate will not be tolerated and are punishable.
Music Channel specifically
  • All music must be in English.
  • Any music that is inappropriate, NSFW(Not Safe For Work), troll music or Nightcore is NOT allowed.
  • The channel is called 'Music' for a reason, no clips of just talking.
  • Don't spam the bot with the same song over and over again.
  • Please keep all songs to under 5 minutes.
Media-Art Channel specifically
  • This channel is for posting of art/media related to Beanblockz or your own personal art.
  • This is not the place for Memes.
  • Any and all discussion in this channel must relate to the art posted.
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