ciao, updated intro c:


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ciao c:
i know i made an introduction in aug, but i felt the need to redo it because i really didn't do it right
so i'm making another one, yikes !

i'd also like to add, sadly i can't play minecraft so yeah~

lmao, Hello ! my name is Miles, i take any nicknames even if they are weird !
i am transgender and pansexual, found out about 1-2 years ago
i am officially from squishycraft, i've been there since around dec '15 & feb '16 <3 you can find me at @ Miles x
i love most genres of music, but not country or like- jazz type. feel free to give me artists/songs, i'd appreciate it
i do have anger issues, can't control it much, so please don't get into a fight with me or you should know~
i have a skin condition called "Keratosis Pilaris" very common though
i'm very short, i believe i'm very close to being 5 foot, maybe i am
i'm dumb most of the time so you may have to explain something that shouldn't need to be, i don't get things quick
i am in fact a libra !
i have bad social anixety
i'm very awkward, weird and total introvert. i am awkward at first but once you get to know me, it's kinda a wreck lmao
i hope to have a polaroid, i love photography and love to take some
i draw, but mostly watercolor now c:
i have three beautiful children, succulent, cactus & aloe vera. i love them
i'd love to learn piano, violin, uke, drums & guitar
i know some french, was learning it about a month ago.. lost interest sadly. hopefully i'll go back to it
i stay up at weird times, mostly fall asleep between 11-2 oops. in fact, as i'm writing this now it is 2:46 am, fun right?
my favorite show is supernatural & [email protected]
my favorite top 5 movies is big, ferris bueller's day off, the breakfast club, coraline and dirty dancing, mostly iconic movies honestly !
fun facts
i'm part italian & a tiny bit of irish c:
i can make a kazoo sound just by my mouth, i know no one who can do this so i guess it's unique?
my birthday is the same day as national coming out day which is nice
i do say omg, lol, lmao, hot, oops/oop and -
feel free to ask me questions, i'd love to answer them ! i'd appreciate it
Sorry if i missed anything, like i said ask me questions-
hope u enjoyed? c:
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