Announcement BeanBlockz Newsletter - November 2021

MamaDuckie ♡

Community Manager
Community Manager
Server Announcements & Polls​
For the upcoming spooktober, a poll was sent out along side some suggestions from people which were to be implemented in the !shop for the Discord economy. The items listed were either collectables or usables.​
Updates & Changelog​
For the month of October no updates or changes were made, but keep an eye out for possible future changes/Updates in both the #changelog and #updates channels on our public discord server.​
Events Highlights​
Unfortunately, due to the server being down for the better part of the month, Event Week was unable to happen. The events are being rescheduled to a later date when the server is back up.​
Media Highlights​
No current changes have been made to the Media Relations Team but keep an eye out for exciting things to come!​
Here are some of our favorite Instagram posts from the month of October that we think you'll just love! - This was an awesome post showcasing a witchs' room built on our server! - This next post was a super detailed build containing so many different elements of the perfect fantasy world! This build was built by Mxegan. - Dreams are a wild thing; this post contains a collection of builds from Talkysaurus who built them to represent their dreamland! These builds are definitely worth checking out! - This post is a favorite from the Head of Media, Nick! It was built by mqstie. Isn't it just beautiful?
Be sure to check out our full Instagram page for more amazing posts just like these!!​
Player Spotlight​
This here is a build from player Arukii! This was built on our Survival1 server! It's a super cool greenhouse in the unique shape of an hour glass. The theme was peaceful, happy, and natural! Arukii - Hourglass Greenhouse
Major Holiday's & Events​
As spooky season was approaching the community teams worked extra hard to make the activities/posts as spooktacular as they could! The Media Team worked hard to make the Instagram posts as well as the Twitter tweets as spooky as possible to fit the theme of this spooktacular season! As for the Events Team fall week is coming so keep an eye out for that! I wish you all a great and spooky Halloween!​
New Hires​
tamedbee (Helper)
Cece (Helper)
iLeon (Helper)
nettie (Helper)
jalexander (Helper)
amira (Helper)
atkillian (Helper)
atdani (Helper)
atsabine (Newsletter Writer)
MamaDuckie (Acting Head of News)​
Nick01as (Moderator > Senior Moderator)​
Graywick (Head of News)
adrielle (Media Relations Team)​
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