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Hi everyone,

Today marks an extremely exciting day for the BeanBlockz Community. For the past couple of months, the BeanBlockz team has been working extremely hard on a secret new project. And even though it’s been a long time coming… It is now finally ready! Today we are revealing the new BeanBlockz Network, and we couldn’t be more excited to show what’s to come!

This post aims to explain what will be happening to the server, how things will be transferred, and what our intentions are going forward. Let’s not waste any more time, and jump right into it!

Gamemode Resets
We are classifying this new network as the “BeanBlockz Revamp”... and with a revamp, come new gamemodes! We have re-built the entire network from the ground up, improved our infrastructure, and jam-packed it with quality content. This means that all the existing gamemodes will reset, and you will join an entirely new experience.

Going forward, BeanBlockz is going to discontinue some of its less popular gamemode, in order to devote more time to the projects that are the most prominent with our players. Unfortunately, this means that both the Skywars and KitPvP gamemodes will be shutting down soon, and the network is going to re-launch with Creative, Survival, Skyblock, Factions and Prison!

All of these gamemodes have been completely re-designed with the player in mind, and with lots of exciting new features! Keep an eye out on our site and on the channel of Smallishbeans, as we have a unique preview coming soon, as well as lots of other new content tailored around the BeanBlockz Server!

And for those wondering… There’s no need to stress about your donator ranks! Non-consumable store packages (such as ranks and command permissions) will be available to you once you re-join the network. They’ve been updated and are now better than ever!

Community-Driven Features

Going forward, we want our community of players and staff members to be more involved than ever! BeanBlockz wouldn’t be the same without its amazing community of dedicated players, and we realise that this type of interaction is extremely valuable!

Our staff team will be releasing a monthly newsletter, and our management team is taking a closer look at the suggestions that you bring up with us - ultimately to provide you with lots of unique and refreshing new content tailored around our community. And if you’re wondering what our first new feature is… We are launching with an entirely new Friends Management system!

New Graphics & Website
Along with our server launch, we will be releasing with entirely new set of graphics and a brand-new website. We’re upgrading to the latest and greatest version of our forum software, and along with a new theme - many performance improvements will make your way around the website better than ever before!

These updates will be done later during this week. A separate post will be made to inform you about the maintenance window and the specifics that are included in the update.

And that’s it for our announcement! An unbelievable amount of time, work and dedication has gone into this project. We hope you are as excited as we are. The new network is expected to launch on Friday, October 19th @ 5PM EST. Our existing network will continue to operate until then. See you then!

The BeanBlockz Management Team


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Will stuff in ender chests be gone too?
reset meaning everything will be cleared. Maps, houses, enderchest, vaults, etc. When you first join the server after it resets, it'll say you have the 'member' rank. If you already had a rank before, you can easily reclaim it using /buy


I am excited to find out what the skyblock will look like! If you need a builder? Please let me know!


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