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do you think the economy needs to be reballenced.

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players and staff agree that the ONLY way to actually get money on this server is through spawner farms and well seeing spawner farms everywhere more specifically cow farms gets a bit boring and well you cant get a cow farm if you don't have the spawners and you cant get the spawners if you don't have money in the first place. and when you combine these factors you see a problem and that problem is that this server is nearly impossible to get started in and that's even with my crazy ideas like the parrot farm that i was designing on single player.

Whats Wrong with the Current Alternatives?
yes i am aware that there are other ways to make money like winning skin comps, winning a parcore race, begging for donations, afking for people, or auctioning off items. but there are problems with ALL of these they all rely on other players.

1. skin comps- it is simply to easy to get away with being bias and well its impossible to prove. I have ALWAYS been kicked out first and well i get a lot of complements for my skin so one of 2 things are happening here either they don't let guys win because they are so used to judging female skins OR they are just bias and want someone they know to win.

2. winning a parcore race- well this is PROBABLY the second best alternate way to get money but its not a long term solution parcore races are few and far between and well its a game of chance because no amount of skill will stop a player from ramming into you.

3. begging for donations- i don't even know why i'm including this the only time it works is when you have friends.

4. auctioning off items- this is the second best alternate way to make money but it can be unreliable.

5. afking for others- well this one is by far the best but the problem is your waiting for players to need an afker and what do you do with the money you buy cow spawners and the cycle starts again

Why is This a Bad Thing?
this makes getting money on the server extremely boring and getting started extremely slow and it discourages players from your server and this is an AWESOME server when and i LOVE playing here but this is very discouraging for me, i am the guy who likes to make really cool projects like music disk farms, giant shops, and i find ways to use the physics of the server that i'm playing to do some really cool things. this is actually the first server i have come across where i can't win with money. and after i get money i use it to do things the staff team told me were impossible like when i solved the villager stacking problem (another server) and i was the only player to ever solve it. but on bean blocks well its easy to get saddles and name tags these rare items are all in one place!

The Shop
the server shop is a GREAT idea but in my opinion it is badly executed but it looks like you tried to balance and i respect you for that but there are slight issues with the way you did that you included farmable blocks now a server shop has its places but the things that should be in it are things that are not farmable things you don't want players to destroy to get their hands on like bricks dragon eggs spawners Electra and it should also have super common items like dirt stone andersite but i honestly don't know exactly how to balance a server shop and i'm sorry i cant help with that.

Final Notes
weather or not you are willing to solve this issue is up to you but i feel like it would benefit the server greatly maybe you could try to play with the economy and don't be afraid to experiment and i will help you with ideas to fix the issue. i only want the best for this great server.

now cast your votes, keep your eyes peeled for more posts i am planning on being a very active member on the community.

thanks for your time


no that's not what i'm talking about i'm talking about the whole economy system it is all based on cow spawners and there are no self sufficient ways to get money at the start. this makes it hard to get into the server if you don't have existing friends. actually its not about scammers at all just read the section that is labeled "The Issue" that's at the top to see the issue i'm having
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