a smol song i wrote.


This is for my lgbtq+ friends.
I know some people are shamed but I hope this can inspire you! I have fun writing it it was also very emotional for me.

We’re all human too An Original Piece By Mari
What is different, so different about me? That you had to go, go on and shame me.
I have interests, you do too. But in the end we’re all human too.
I built my pride on the love for another, I built something, something amazing
I found a girl that I love too.
She’s made of love and purity She’s something I could never be
Wait until you open your eyes, and believe in me.
My heart is made of gold, and clearly yours of stone
You may not see it but I clearly do, We’re all human too.
Go break my heart and shame on me, but I will rise up to my feet.
I will be myself because everyone else, Is taken, and you can’t be someone you’re not. Oh..
Tie the knot and run away, They don’t deserve the way you love.
Cause in the end we’re all human too.
Fire and fury rise from above, we’re being chased with hatred and love.
Which one hurts more than one? Will I ever know that I can be,
I am so unloved by my family and the ones I trusted,
You can make my dreams crush, but you can’t break my love.
My heart is gold yours is stone,
You know I am brave, And you can’t break me.
Tied in a knot, falling a part
. Am I invisible, am i invisible?
Look at me don’t you see that light, there is rainbows in my eyes.
I am something different, can’t you see that we’re human too. Gay, Bi, Pansexual,
Lesbian, Homosexual
Trans, and Agender.
We’re all the stars in the sky, can’t you see it? Can’t you see it.
Why am I? Running alone.
Across the clouds upon the rainbow. I see it now, I have a heart, a soul and a mind. You have the same so lets make it clear.
We’re all human too.