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Hi everyone, Ive seen a few people do this so I though id hop on the band wagon and create my own!
My name is Lucy and I have been playing since early 2015, and recently become a moderator. I often play on survival 1 so id love to see some new faces, don't be shy to say hello.
Ok so here are some facts about mwah...

Im 14 years old and I'm from Wales, (and no not all welsh people own sheep :D). Im a very shy person!! I have a huge love for small animals, I currently have a baby hamster (Mimi) and a cat which is ironically called Lucy! I also have an older brother Jac, who is amazing and annoying at the same time.
I have a slight obsession with the colour pink and I often tend to buy anything I see that is that colour...
I have a few interests, one being baking, I love making sweet treats for people and seeing whether it tastes good or not, and I absolutely love playing tennis. I'm currently in the welsh girls tennis team and have actually won 4 national competitions! However I must say I really do enjoy just sitting on my computer and playing Minecraft with a snack and playing with some friends.
I took 8 months off school due to health reasons and in that time I spent most of it in hospital and playing Beanblockz (which is not so bad if you think about it). My mum is a teacher so I often go help out as I do love little children, they're so cute!! Last but not least, I love going out on the back of my dads motorbike and travelling all around my beautiful country, its amazing, times like that I will always treasure.

I am looking forward to being apart of such an amazing team where everyone is super lovely and welcoming! Literally nobody has a bad bone in there body, I adore them all. And I love this community, I've met some amazing people and hope to meet even more.
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hii!! another new mod!! congrats on staff! can't wait to hopefully get to know you more along with all the other new mods! <3