1. <updated intro(i think)> Hiyaa! I'm Ashee >.<

    Hello! Call me Ashee! I'm a young artist, gamer, and beginner youtuber (pls sub i is poor XD) I joined the Beanblockz server in 2017, and later got the Commander rank in 2018. I love Pokemon, art, aesthetic (uwu), and food. dis intro kinda short but i might update again later on :D thx ~ Ashee.
  2. 1e5


    WHAT IS LIFE????
  3. Taylarg2000

    I need your help on finding a new username...

    Hi, i've had this username ever since i've got Minecraft. I need a new one, but i'm stuck and need suggestions. I need your help. Im Looking for usernames that are made up, unique and creative. So if u have any ideas please make a list of usernames and i will pick out one ;) Thankyou :p
  4. hayes


    Greetings, I'm Hayes. I am 13 and I am from the USA! My favorite color group is pastel but alone, my favorite color is yellow. In my opinion I am a very happy and glowing person. I love Aesthetics. I am a very creative person. I love making new friends. I love all my friends ( Shout-out to you...
  5. Tuffley

    Where have i been?

    well, long time no see forum. ive been busy lately and sorta ran out of data, but i promise i will (hopefully) be on a little more often. good news! i got a youtube channel, i enjoy drawing and animating, so hopefully i can upload something soon. stay tuned and subscribe...
  6. LowkeyDuck

    Favorite Youtube Ship?

    Mine would be Joel+Lizzie so... LDBeans? Or LizBeans is cute too :P ~Idk what's your fav ship?
  7. sofia.moon

    【My Cover】Mimikyus Rap Cover- English (cringe )

  8. ByPhantomsGuide

    YouTube Channels

    Can we advertise our own youtube channels on here ? :D
  9. EmiTehNinja

    Sharing YouTube Channels!

    Heyy guys, I have a youtube channel myself and I am interested if any of you have your own channels aswell! (: Just send a link to your channel and I will subscribe! I would also really appreciate it if you would subscribe to my channel aswell. My youtube channel...
  10. orangecow


    Hi people , I am new to beanblock and this is my first post. I thought I would let you know about my YouTube channel called orangecow 2004. On it I do animation and art(though mostly drawing) and I do tutorials on how to draw lots of different things. Please subscribe to my...
  11. eshyyy

    ˗ˏˋ intro ˎˊ˗

    (i didn't even know these intros were a thing but i'll give it a shot since i haven't made one lmao) ((for some reason whenever i'm typing on the internet, i use tERRIBLE grammer bc i think it looks cool?? but in rl, i am a grammer freak idek)) yo i'm esha and i like kpop !! most ppl know me...
  12. michuna

    Any Custom Drawing Thingys? :o

    Hi! Im looking for someone that does custom drawings :eek: I might use it for my Youtube pfp or something :eek: You can just msg me or something with the drawing :3 I would like it to have black hair, brown eyes and whatever clothes :D If you can, make it kawaii or animeish or something idk xD...
  13. mollyy

    For Youtubers

    Hey, so recently I have seen a lot of threads about people wanting avatars and channel art for there Youtube accounts. I found this really awesome Youtube channel that gives lots of tutorials on how to make custom thumbnails, avatars, banners, etc. along with lots of other helpful things for...
  14. Cattgirl123

    Youtuber Island!

    My summer build is about Youtube! Since i watch a LOAD of youtube i decided to make youtuber island! I made sure to include almost all of your friends on crazycraft and other things!
  15. TheWIndyCity

    Video is LIT

    Made this video 2 weeks ago that has almost a thousand views. Idk, I think it's a pretty good vid ;} Check it out if you want. Music -> Tobu-Colors
  16. sophiie

    In need of YT Banner + Icon...

    Lemme just say.... I am terrible at this kind of thing so here we go... On la banner i would just like my YT name: CheesepuffGaming and if you can a picture of my minecraft character (IGN: Cheesepuff_) On la picture i would like a picture of my mc character animated if possible but if not, do...
  17. RosePercyAndJacob

    BeanBlockz news channel?

    Hello BeanBlockz, My name is Rose_X_Percy and today, I wanted to see what you guys think on an idea I have. Since I am a Youtuber I was thinking, why not make a channel for the news around BeanBlockz? I wanted to see what everyone thought of it. Let me know what you think by replying to this...
  18. SwearWhileUCan


    so i recently started this "Youtubers Board" where new Youtubers can advertise for their Youtube channel. Its on creative 2.0 on my first plot. (/p h SwearWhileUCan_) /mail send SwearWhileUCan_ (msg) me if u want perm to add urself and place ur Youtube Channel on meh plot! ps plz also sub others...
  19. TheWIndyCity

    yo! Check it out!

    Yo-Yo-Yo! Yesterday, I made a new video! Before I share link,just wanna say a little bit about it. Sooooo, yesterday, I started a flamewar for something stupid lol. Someone made some minecraft gaming vid and I called them a squeaker lol, and then ALL hell broke loose XD Anyway, I later said...
  20. 5secondsofkatie

    5SecondsofKatie's One And Only INTRO!

    Hi there, my names Katie. In my spare time I: Play minecraft Skype to ppl eat A LOT of food watch Netflix watch youtube and cri over Michael Clifford. My favourite youtubers include: Phan Shane Buzzfeed Caspar and 5sosVEVO lmao. I hope you don't hate me. That's pretty much my entire life...