1. Strawberryy

    HELP :(

    So whenever I try log in to the server minecraft log says the following Couldn't connect to server$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information: at...
  2. Marian

    Thomas please read...

    @Thomas Hey I would like you to change my age to 13 please. When making my account I clicked the wrong date and I didn't know how to change it til now! Thanks, Awkward Cookie / Sam :3
  3. Marian


    Well you see In skyblock I have SIX withers in my nether.... Thomas Please can you just like go on my skyblock and kill them in creative pleas.
  4. Millyy

    Time Limit on sw

    I was thinking how I (along with some other people I think) don't like the time limit (on skywars) and thought that instead of the game ending once the time limit is reached, there's a death match? I've seen it on other servers and thought it might work well here. And I know it's a LOT to ask...
  5. Gxrm

    New Command?

    hey Every1 I am so happy that Beanblockz let Prison on our server.But maybe also u should allow the command /bump because In many parts of the warps u get stuck in a block while mining in the mine. By /bump u can get out of the block and still continuously mine and have fun <3 Thx Germ ;)
  6. venillacream


    Hey, its smolrockyy. I am making this thread because a little bit ago I bought the 25x25 plot mine in OPPrison. I thought this would be different and I didn't expect it to be like that. Thomas helped me with it because it wasn't working, but I still don't like the mine. Thomas told me he would...
  7. Gxrm

    New Games?

    Firstly, since Beanblockz is releasing the brand new game Prison , I have a gave a lot of suggestions what Beanblockz next fun game would be! Please Vote in The poll! I Hope The Community enjoys these games in the future and make Beanblockz even BETTER! I have seen these games from other servers...
  8. Gxrm

    What is the limited amount of time of a mod getting demoted because how much time they are offline?

    Recently 2 moderators sadly got demoted because of how long they were offline. AmazingWizViz and PlatyPus got demoted.
  9. Gxrm

    Another Staff Member?

    Many others have told me that Console always kicks people for Spider or Kill Aura and more! Console hasn't been 100% accurate because some hackers actually have clients that don't let Console actually kick them and making them avoiding being banned. What my thoughts are is that I know a lot of...
  10. XoxRonin

    Skywars Map: Waterfalls

    Skywars map By: beckogecko and me xox_ronin_xox Name: Waterfalls Where: creative 2 ID: 101:-67 So guys this is the skywars map me and my friend built xD Pics of it: Vid of it:
  11. venillacream

    Should this person be banned?

    Hello! I have a question. So in Survival Blue, I own a shop with my friends. Yesterday, I opened up the shop with one of my friends, bugalou4u. We were selling items, banners, and pets. So a girl, lightningblade88, came and she was being kinda annoying because she kept asking to work there and...
  12. Gxrm

    Um WTF? When I was on Normal Factions I saw a Nether portal at spawn and I was like WTF?Why is there a Nether portal at spawn? ;) Thx Gxrm_ (Germ) P.S The photo shows where the Nether portal is and at Spawn.
  13. Gxrm

    New Commands!

    Hello, Germ here. I have 2 suggestions that should be a command! One should be /sell hand which allows people to sell a particular item that is in shop and u don't have to go back and forth and keep on typing /warp shop everytime! The other one should be /pv (number) which allows people to store...
  14. Whatsychops

    Block lag

    When i play on skywars, i want to build quickly so i dont get snowballed off or shot. When i hold right click on the block so i can build, sometimes i miss it places it on top and it glitches and i fall off. Idk if its a problem for everyone from the update or just a server thing. But please (If...
  15. YaBoyRyan


    I tried to sent Joel a message but it wont let me. Please like and comment to get this out to JOEL! P.S If you think this is rude go see the latest staff report. Here is the message Dear Joel I know you have like 1,000,000 messages but please read this. There has been a report with a lot of...