survival red

  1. emmkae

    Parrot auction

    Hi guys! On Sunday the 9th of September, starting 3pm UK time, I'll be auctioning a green parrot named Parsley on survival red. The starting bid will be 6 million as I bought him for 6.5 million. Come online then to bid! The more the merrier (and ideally the more money I earn xD) Love emmkae
  2. AmySmith

    Survival Blue Village Applications.

    Hello, my name is Amy. If you wish to be in a new town on Survival Blue, please answer all questions in the poll. Not Answered = No. Answered = Yes. Please don't be offended if we say no <3 thanks! <3 :D
  3. loza

    Repeatly Kicked?

    So I'm playing survival Red, all happy and nice. And then I got kicked due to 'reset by peer' then I rejoin, join survival red and about 2 or so minutes in I'm kicked again, this happens again and again, to quite a few people. It doesn't seem to happen on any other gamemodes and it's not like...
  4. Trikery

    Download Old Survival Server

    Is there anyplace where I get download the Old Survival Server. I'd like to save my builds as schematics for storage.
  5. SpaceIsa


    Does anyone know why not not only Blue is down, but red aswell? With Blue it tries to connect me but then puts me in the lobby again, and with red it just can't connect after it restarted about 15 minutes ago. Are the servers glitched or down for maitenance? :(
  6. BlueReign

    Whisper Woods Help

    Hello everyone! My name is BlueReign but you may call me Blue. I own a village in survival Red and here is the help page! Before I start, I want to say if you want to join Whisper Woods, do /mail send BlueReign or /mail send GeorgiaInTexas, you will be interviewed. Whisper Woods is a medium...
  7. Where are my dogs?

    Hello! I play survival red often. I even opened a pet shop. But, something very weird happened. I bread to dogs together, and one disappeared. Then, I left my house and came back, about two minutes later, to find two more of my dogs gone. Also, my horse and saddle are also gone. The horses and...
  8. Mybeau

    I Lost Everything!

    This happened about 30 minutes ago - - I was building a horse farm with my best friend and on me I had all the supplies including saddles, nametags, building blocks, and other stuff like elytra, silk touch, and diamond tools. Then I went afk, and guess what? A skeleton walked over and shot me...
  9. Mybeau

    Hacker On Survival Red

    I don't have any proof but I'm just going to say what was happening. You can believe me if you want to. So I was playing on survival red earlier today, like usual, and I bought a new house. I was pulling my horse across the ocean trying to get to bring her from my old house, to my new one. Then...
  10. TheRealSlimSassy

    Applications and Survival Questions

    Hey, I wanted to know when you will be able to apply to be a moderator and how the voting system works? Also, is the staff working on fixing the box with our rank, balance, and claims in Survival Red because it's no longer there and I was just wondering! :) Thanks!
  11. Survival Red?

    So hey can I live with any cool people on survival red?... Yes thats all I have to say. I am currently on line while posting this...
  12. pearlpai

    Nobody plays on Survival Red. #redisdead

    After blue recently got /jobs & /jackpot, it seems that everyone has moved over from red to blue. I log onto red but during the weekdays there's usually 10-20 people on and it's extremely quiet and boring. I feel like red is being slowly abandoned. Although I have plenty to do on Survival Red...
  13. pearlpai

    End portal at spawn

    is this meant to be here??
  14. pearlpai

    I need ideas for my house interior!

    I've just started decorating my house on survival red, but i'm a little at loss for room ideas. I know I want: a potion room, a bedroom, a storage room, an enchantment room, a library/music room (maybe combined with enchantment room), a banner-making room, and some sort of crafting room...
  15. pearlpai

    So... when's the end dragon bug gonna be fixed?

    So, as most of you probably know, the survival red end dragon is currently glitching out and now impossible to kill. The only problem with it is that the last end crystal won't destroy when you hit it, so now the dragon just heals up after any damage it takes and there's no way to stop it. So...