1. Survival Custom <Lottery Tickets!>

    Alright, so I've been noticing that lottery ticket prices have been increasing nearly every reset, at the moment, it is 10k EACH. At first is was $1 each, eventually $200, and then now $10,000. It's increasing to ridiculous prices. Yes, I know that what you pay, goes into the prize money, but I...
  2. <Village Name Ideas Please!>

    I've been building and developing a village, but I don't know what to call it. Please, if you can, please suggest some names, I'd appreciate it a lot! Thanks everyone, - Ashee
  3. gradleys

    mini photoshoot!

    hey, it's grads! i was messing around with a shader pack (courtesy of trgt) and who knew, they produced some cool screenshots! here's some i took with my friend :) i think they turned out pretty good! hope you enjoyed em :)
  4. AwwwEvieJ

    -~- Sky Village Applications -~-

    NOTE: This is on Survival Two Welcome to the Sky Village! We will be hosting applications on this thread, we're recruiting for new and exclusive members. These lucky few will be part of a supporitve community. We are looking for players who can contribute to our village, to apply, please enter...
  5. AwwwEvieJ

    Survival Money Tips for the Reset!

    Recently, the survival servers have reset! There are several ways you can earn easy money! Keep in mind, if you cannot afford to complete any of these, always start by selling wood/dirt! 1. Cacti farm Making a cactus farm is a big way you can earn money! These are automatic, and are easy to...
  6. ThatNorseDork

    New Profile Pic c:

    I made a little doodle of my mc skin as my profile pic and thought why not share it here? :) If you have any critiques please let me know!! I took a large break from art after being heavily burnt out but i'm trying to get back into it and would appreciate advice Thanks for reading ♡︎
  7. Luka

    thank u next

    I just wanna thank everyone for an awesome Survival season, I've met so new many people and I feel like last reset was yesterday! I wanted to share some screenies from reset party we organised today, so here they are! ;) Also, I made a video of baltop race. It took...
  8. McDonaldsMatt

    Survival Fundraiser

    Hello, members of Beanblocks, the Survival members are putting together mone (In game) for a fundraiser to boost activity for us. Can you help? If you want to donate /msg McDonaldsMatt when hes online or /mail McdonaldsMatt to donate money, or do /warp fundraiser and there you can donate if I...
  9. Kijiko

    Pets Cosmetic Pack

    Why can't we ride or hat our pets? I remember we were able to before the reset, but for what reason doesn't it let us now ?? also my name was made two years ago and its cringe how can i change it
  10. Yetiqx

    Reclaiming My Muliplier

    Since the reboot, I dont have my x3 multiplier on survival. (I was on survival 2 before reboot) Is there a way to get it back for free?
  11. Well, it happened.

    The Server just got shut down, and all the data (except creative, because creative always lives.) Is being wiped as we speak. I was just in the survival 1 server, i was at the warp ripbbzparty, with almost everyone on the server, We were dancing, sending thanks, and drowning while trying to get...
  12. Why won't it let me make splash potions on Survival?

    I tried making splash potions of poison, but it just takes my gunpowder and doesn't become a splash potion. Are splash potions disabled or something?
  13. Gempop6

    Ideas and housing

    here you can share ideas for housing and trading, in survival
  14. leanna

    it's dying

    this server is kinda dying and it makes me sad. bring back some of the og stuff (kitpvp & skywars) and advertise the server more. i miss how it used to be :( i would love to see some of the old features come back. also the ranks pretty much mean nothing anymore rip. i literally spent $70 on...
  15. SaraG06

    KatGamer06's Guide to Survival-New Posts on different topics WEEKLY!

    Hello there! My name is Sara but I go as KatGamer06 and I've been playing on Bean Blockz for quite some time if I do say so myself. As a current resident titan with over 100mil, I'd say I know some things, and this new thread will be giving tips, tricks, commands and more if you ask! For the...
  16. Skyprincess

    Stuff on S1

    So, uh i have some things on Surival 1 (which im never on) that im willing to give away. I have 1.25K $, about 3 stacks of diamond blocks and like 4 vote keys. Does anybody want them? What should i ask in return for them though? I dont wanna ask for a rank because i feel thats just rude. If you...
  17. Cybloom

    Town Help

    Hey hey hey, I've been trying to figure out how to make a town for a while. But since I'm kind of dull and I can't seem to find a straight answer, I have absolutely no clue how. Can anybody tell me how me and my friend can create a town? And like what are all the commands?
  18. OreoPlayzGamesYT

    Titan Perk: Chop 1 log to cut the entire tree BUG

    Hello fellow member of the server. I would like to report a bug on the survival server. It says in the perks list that if a person with TITAN rank chops 1 log from a tree the ENTIRE tree is chopped down. I have realized that the command that does this usually bugs out after a reboot but then...
  19. HoneyyBee

    Survival Glitch?

    So i recently got a new rank, joined back the server, etc. However, i noticed that when i type, i get sent back to the hub. Sometimes after 30 seconds, sometimes after 5. This is getting really frustrating as I talk with other players often, and it sucks to have to re-type my messages over and...
  20. Spacebunz

    Every time I /msg someone on survival I get logged out ...

    More or less every time I got to /msg someone on survival I get logged out and get put back into the main hub. I don't know if tis happens on other servers in beanblockz to because I only really msg people on survival. Can someone help please <3