summer build competition

  1. Summer build

    Me and my sister did a build together based on our past summer holidays. Our Minecraft IGNs are: FonzieLogan and LadyBooHoo. Our plot is LadyBooHoo's (the owner of the plot) only plot and our ID is 23;-37. Above are some screenshots but some of the other screenshots I took wouldn't upload, so...
  2. Summer Build Competition Entry

    Minecraft IGN: PaffPuff Plot number (if applicable): If this means which plot (because some ranks have extra plots) then It is my first plot. If you mean like the id or something than it's -11;8 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!): Sorry. My screen shot is too big. Or something...
  3. dinolovesyou

    Summer Build Competition, DinoLovesYou

    My username/ign: DinoLovesYou Plot ID: -33;-51 would add photo but dont know how... derp I am a gamer, I dont do this type of stuff...
  4. BubblegumCanD

    My Summer Competition Entry

    IGN: BubblegumCanD Plot ID: -33;-14 Other details about me!~ Age: 12 (not 13 like on my profile) Real name: Angelina So here is my summer comp entry I hope you like it, don't steal any ideas. I tried to make it LA beach at start then... tbh Idk what happend Umm.. idk what else to write so umm...
  5. Toriclucero

    My Summer Build Comp Entry :)

    I hope I'm not late entering XD IGN: Toriclucero Plot ID: -19;42 I also made a speed build video here is the link: Screenshot:
  6. Justine

    Boardwalk Summer Build Entry

    I built a board walk that includes some shops and attractions. There are some easter eggs as well as a beach house colored a certain green. My ign is Crescendo__. Thanks for reading :D
  7. stuphvnie

    Happy Birthday Joel / Summer Build Comp

    ~ Hello Joel! I hope you like my summer build! :) ~ Username: stuphvnie ~ Plot ID: -20;40 ~ Thank You!
  8. TROfficial

    My Summer Competition Entry!

    This is my summer competition entry! I joined the server on July 12th, 2016 so I worked really hard, I dont have any screen shots because I am using my IPad for typing this and my sister has my laptop. IGN: TechnoRhen Plot #: Idk Screen Shots: My sis took my laptop -.- Thanks for visiting my...
  9. Sceptre458

    My Summer Build Comp Entry

    Minecraft IGN: Sceptre458 Plot number : 10;-48 Sceptre's Summer City! Plot Description: Welcome to Sceptre's Summer City, where all the magic of summer resides! The Castle sets the theme for this amazing summer experience. If you wish to have a day at the carnival, Summer City Welcomes you...
  10. wifiwifi

    Summer competition entry

    My username is SkullCandyCT, my plot is fully done =) gl everyone.
  11. Summer Build Competition Entry

    Minecraft IGN: StellaDaGriffin_ Plot number (if applicable): 5;-9 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!):
  12. Pinkunderdog

    My Summer Build Competition Submission (pinkunderdog)

    My Minecraft IGN: pinkunderdog My Plot ID: 41;-44 SCREENSHOTS! YAY!
  13. Summer Competition Entry!

    Goldmans 4;-43 Thanks! It said my screenshots were too big to upload, sorry haha!
  14. Rosetaa

    Summer Build Competition

    :169:IGN: Rosetaa :4:Plot Number: -42:4 :162:Screenshot Below :)
  15. Missygingerboo

    Beach PARTAY! (Summer Competition)

    This is my first comp. entry I hope you like it!;):4:
  16. rebecca24

    Summer Build comp <3

    Minecraft IGN :ImGrannyDearie big big shout out to sirMJ who helped me with issues i hade with joining the comp he was a big help enjoy :) <3
  17. NyanNinjacatYT

    Summer Competition Build

    Minecraft IGN: NyanNinjacatYT Plot number (if applicable): -4;17 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!):
  18. Ashrn

    Summer Comp Entry

    Minecraft IGN: Buddered_wafflez Plot ID: -10 ; -10 (I took a bunch of good screenshots but it wouldn't let me upload them for some reason) D:
  19. MissBobbleGaming

    Summer Build Competition Entry

    Minecraft IGN: Missbobblegaming Plot number: 39:-31 Screen Shots:
  20. Soffpai

    Summer build comp!

    Let's not waste time; Minecraft IGN: Soffpai Plot number: -23;-3 Aaand i would have loved to include screenshots, but i'm bad at computers, so i donut know how to fix those :P It's a little village that i built with my best friend Nice_hobbit and we both hope you enjoy our plot!