summer build comp

  1. turqouisemoon

    Summer Build Comp

    Minecraft IGN: turqouisemoon Plot number (if applicable): -42;39
  2. CatmanduCo

    Summer Build Comp!

    hey Joel this is my first build comp! My plot IGN is CatmanduCo! But my plot ID is 42:-39 Ty so much for looking at my build :D
  3. MsFlatBooty

    MsFlatBooty Summer Competition Thread :D

    IGN: MsFlatBooty Plot ID: 11;7 Helper: digiviper :D
  4. BubblegumCanD

    My Summer Competition Entry

    IGN: BubblegumCanD Plot ID: -33;-14 Other details about me!~ Age: 12 (not 13 like on my profile) Real name: Angelina So here is my summer comp entry I hope you like it, don't steal any ideas. I tried to make it LA beach at start then... tbh Idk what happend Umm.. idk what else to write so umm...
  5. Luisana17craft

    my summer comp entry

    Minecraft IGN:luisana17craft Plot number: 14;-3 Screenshots:sorry idk how
  6. Sceptre458

    My Summer Build Comp Entry

    Minecraft IGN: Sceptre458 Plot number : 10;-48 Sceptre's Summer City! Plot Description: Welcome to Sceptre's Summer City, where all the magic of summer resides! The Castle sets the theme for this amazing summer experience. If you wish to have a day at the carnival, Summer City Welcomes you...
  7. Pinkunderdog

    My Summer Build Competition Submission (pinkunderdog)

    My Minecraft IGN: pinkunderdog My Plot ID: 41;-44 SCREENSHOTS! YAY!
  8. NyanNinjacatYT

    Summer Competition Build

    Minecraft IGN: NyanNinjacatYT Plot number (if applicable): -4;17 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!):
  9. MissBobbleGaming

    Summer Build Competition Entry

    Minecraft IGN: Missbobblegaming Plot number: 39:-31 Screen Shots:
  10. Soffpai

    Summer build comp!

    Let's not waste time; Minecraft IGN: Soffpai Plot number: -23;-3 Aaand i would have loved to include screenshots, but i'm bad at computers, so i donut know how to fix those :P It's a little village that i built with my best friend Nice_hobbit and we both hope you enjoy our plot!
  11. Phoenix12345

    Summer Competiton Entry

    my username is The_MIdnightMyth my ID is 49;46 my plot is finished it says that the username is Qamar_007 but i changed it.
  12. Kitsune

    ~Summer Build Competition entry~

    Minecraft IGN: _Kit__Kat_ Plot number (if applicable): I only have one plot XD Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!):
  13. daffy


    Minecraft IGN: The_Dabber Plot number (if applicable): 44;-47 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!): look 4 ur self
  14. MineCraft Summer Build Competition

    Minecraft IGN: EwThatBishDeath Plot number (if applicable): 21;-45 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!): We have a few rules this time around that must be followed otherwise your entry will not be valid. 1. Only one person per plot will win a prize. 2. Builds must be on the Summer...
  15. Marlea

    Summer Build Competition!

    Minecraft IGN: Marlea_Puffle Plot number (if applicable): -40;9 Screenshots:
  16. Summer Build Entry

    Minecraft IGN: PotatoTehCow Plot number: -14;-23 Screenshots:
  17. ChihuahuaPup

    Summer home in the mountains

    Here in the mountains is a sweet little house but wait the mountains are BEHIND the house?! yep and what a view it is to see mountains in your backyard.....but theres more yes more. there in the front of the house is a HUGE! beach just waiting for YOU to go and swim along with a little...
  18. tomu1261

    Summer Build Competition

    Minecraft IGN: tom1261 Plot number (if applicable): -18:-15 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!):The Build is not yet complete but will be soon and ive left notes to joel and lizzie and i will be improving stuff.
  19. hannahgrade

    summer build competition! :-)

    Minecraft IGN: Peachycana Plot number (if applicable): 11;-11 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!): None
  20. hannahgrade

    summer build contest❤️

    IGN: Peachycana Plot ID: 11;-11 This is for he summer build contest. Enjoy my plot! :-)