1. felixx

    One word story!

    Pretty self explanatory. One person will say one word then someone else will say another, continuing the story! For example: Person A: Once Person B: there Person C: was etc.. I'll start! ----------- One
  2. 1990

    The Story of...

    Hello! So I wanted to make a forum game so here is is. also I'm pretty sure many other people have done this so credit to them! <3 How to play: I will start the story, I will start off with writing a sentence and the next person to reply/comment continues the story however they want it to go...
  3. Xoque

    Make-a-story Challenge

    Ok so, this is either going to work really well, or will turn out to be a complete mess. But that’s alright let’s find out. (Also after making this, I realised someone already did something similar ;-; rip) Here’s how it’s going to work: -I say a word, (e.g “He”) then the next person would say...
  4. Brynn

    Make a story

    Continue the story by saying one word! Example: 1st Person: Once 2nd Person: Upon And keep going!
  5. Rosaies

    Continue the story!!

    I saw this game on some other forums and I'm not sure if there already is one here but oh well It's basically where you write a sentence based on what the person has written above you Example:Person1: once upon a time Person2:there was a princess And you continue the story. Ok I'll start...
  6. dcni


    How to play- I will say a sentence and you will have to add another sentence like 'berry was very small, he also-' 'He also loved eating, especially at Maccas! But-" Rules- >No inappropriate language >Keep it pg please (: >Don't be rude >No hate speech please Sentence: Lucy didn't wanna play...
  7. misskittypaws

    storytime i guess

    Ok so this will be storytime! We will share random stories from our lives ok bye!!! jk I have a story!!! I used to stalk my crush from behind a tree almost everyday... yes
  8. Kris

    Fun Fact - How I Got my Name!

    So, let's start with the beginning. I used to be called Netsirk111 because my name is Kristen, spelled backwards is Netsirk...Get it? Before that, my friends came up with a name for me and referred to me as Net or Netty. And no, this has nothing to do with NettyPlays (the youtuber) I'm...
  9. AgrowMC

    Story Game

    ** DISCLAIMER ** I am not sure if this has been posted before How to play: You can only say one word and you have to make a story. Example: James: My Shantelle: Cat And so on! The word you pick must make sense according to the word above! I'll start: Dogs
  10. nnicole

    Listen to my story lol

    hello and welcome to story time #1 little kiddies :) This is just a story about what happened to me when i was little so it's gonna be boring, sorry xD Mk lettuce start ^ see what i did there! Lettuce <-- LET US! LMAO GET IT? IM SUCH A GENIUS When i was 7 (i think idk) i went to this...
  11. Fhawn

    3 word story

    I saw this on another forum and it looked kinda fun :p So basically I'll start off a story, and you have to add three letters to continue it. Ex: A boy named Bob went to the circus and etc, etc. Have fun! A boy named...
  12. Arxtic

    On-Going Story!

    This is a story that will go on for ETERNITYYYYYY just kidding. This is a story that everyone says one word that matches with the story. So. Basically I will start with a word. Me: Hello Other Dude: My Some Dudette: Toilet And so on. *No inappropriate stuff* *Be weird in the good way :D*...
  13. NorthwindGuard

    Try to not make the story end!

    Try and keep the story going as long as possible! Possible transitions for the next person to use to start their part in the story: -After that, -But then, -When suddenly, Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named...
  14. dcni

    The Once Sentence Unfortunate Story

    RULES 1. No inappropriate content 2.Please don't be rude to one another 3.Have fun 4. Don't make it on sensitive topics like suicide, racism and etc. Basically how you play this game is you write one sentence on something miserable that has happened like this. The snake bit the old, innocent...
  15. Kxnzu

    The Song Story Game

    Ok so I don't know if this is from somewhere else but I thought this would be fun. Basically you have to tell a story only using song titles. The only rules are that they have to be song titles or lyrics and they have to make sense with the previous song title or lyric. Let's see how long this...
  16. atala

    a fun game.

    soooooo c: basically i write the beginning to a story and you continue it and the person below you continues it and so on so the base of this story will be... Once upon a time Mrs. Claus wanted a rat Have fun!
  17. Castelliboo


    Hi all. So i Thought of this game last night in bed and i'm not entirely sure that no one has made a game like this by whatever! Aim: Well... To make a great story about Beanblockz. How to play: As said above, you must wright a short story about your favourite game on beanblockz e.g. Skywars...
  18. DemonicCountry

    A little about myself

    Hey there I'm DemonicCountry Other wise known as Country A couple things to start off with are that I love playing on the beanblockz server, I love making new friends and helping people out. I live on a farm (Even though I spend A LOT of time on the internet, I still spend time with my...
  19. RainbowSminleyCupcake

    Create a story: Picture edition :)

    Welcome to my second forum game! This game is just like those '5 sentence story' (this isn't just 5) type things, but with pictures that are related to your sentence. It sounds pretty simple but there are some simple rules: RULES 1. No inappropriate pictures 2. No swearing or inappropriate...
  20. EliyaKaT

    Christmas Entry

    Minecraft IGN: EliyaKaT plot ID: -10;-16 I worked really hard to finish this early because I have a very busy schedule. Right as Joel announced the competition I drew a sketch of what I wanted to build and immediately started building. There's a story and some stuff underground. More...