story chain

  1. felixx

    One word story!

    Pretty self explanatory. One person will say one word then someone else will say another, continuing the story! For example: Person A: Once Person B: there Person C: was etc.. I'll start! ----------- One
  2. 1990

    The Story of...

    Hello! So I wanted to make a forum game so here is is. also I'm pretty sure many other people have done this so credit to them! <3 How to play: I will start the story, I will start off with writing a sentence and the next person to reply/comment continues the story however they want it to go...
  3. Xoque

    Make-a-story Challenge

    Ok so, this is either going to work really well, or will turn out to be a complete mess. But that’s alright let’s find out. (Also after making this, I realised someone already did something similar ;-; rip) Here’s how it’s going to work: -I say a word, (e.g “He”) then the next person would say...
  4. LowkeyKass

    Story builder

    Okay so i play this game with my friends on text and it’s super fun so basically what you do is that i start a story that someone made (in this case it’s me) up and you have to continue it :) Example: •Personne 1: Once upon a time there was a bunny that lived a peacefull life:giggle...
  5. dcni


    How to play- I will say a sentence and you will have to add another sentence like 'berry was very small, he also-' 'He also loved eating, especially at Maccas! But-" Rules- >No inappropriate language >Keep it pg please (: >Don't be rude >No hate speech please Sentence: Lucy didn't wanna play...
  6. AgrowMC

    Story Game

    ** DISCLAIMER ** I am not sure if this has been posted before How to play: You can only say one word and you have to make a story. Example: James: My Shantelle: Cat And so on! The word you pick must make sense according to the word above! I'll start: Dogs
  7. EmiTehNinja

    Continue the story!

    So basically all you have to do is add on 2 words to make a story! Once there was (add on 2 words!)
  8. Kxnzu

    The Song Story Game

    Ok so I don't know if this is from somewhere else but I thought this would be fun. Basically you have to tell a story only using song titles. The only rules are that they have to be song titles or lyrics and they have to make sense with the previous song title or lyric. Let's see how long this...
  9. SirMJ_

    Story chain 2.0

    Once upon a time...