1. AtomicallyAlive

    Date for Staff Applications?

    Hi, I've been wondering, when will the next date for Staff Applications be? My computer was broken during may, so i couldn't apply. I'd like to apply the next time you guys are accepting them. I have been warned for Disrespectful behavior, but i haven't been on in a while. I'm looking forward to...
  2. LilyTheMushroom

    Question about staff applications

    I realized how stupid i was, i'm pretty sure i spelled imgur like igmur and conversation like convorstion does this matter?
  3. shiv

    BBZ Hunger Games v1

    I was just talking to @mollyy and @Marian about the Hunger Games and I decided to make this. This time, I did Marian and I along with some of the other staff members. If you'd like to be in a hunger games, reply to this thread with your name and someone you'd like to be in a district with and...
  4. LilyTheMushroom

    Help with staff application

    Hi in my staff application i put that i am 16 when i am actually 15 and i would hate to be denied because of that i am sorry that i made that mistake is there anyway i can change it?
  5. Spacebunz

    My rank has gone... Helpp

    I've logged back onto Beanblockz after a few months and my knight rank has gone, I bought it a few years ago, in 2015 or 2016. Help please, I don't know what to do, thanks
  6. XXLoveLinaLeeXX

    Enchantment Kit

    So before Beanblockz got "revamped" there was a thing you could buy called the enchantment kit. I bought this and I had before the revamp. I know this is not a kit anymore but I was just wondering if there was any I guess compensation(?) since I bought it thinking that I would have it through...
  7. Taylarg2000


    Unfortunately, I have decided to resign into being a mod, after 11 months of working and being a part of this team. Everyone on the server is incredible, I've met so many new friends and been a part of some really amazing opportunities. I love you all. Next year is also my last school year and...
  8. ExtremeTails256

    Please Help! We got robbed! (S.R)

    I was playing on Survival Red, selling some kits and while ExtremeTails652 (partner) and I were selling our stuff, someone called MinecraftMaisie2 came and stole all our knight kits and most of our weapons. Because we didn't want people to think it was a scam, usually people would look in the...
  9. CheekyFox05

    'You Are Already Logged On To This Server'

    (Don't know if I'm on the right section to do this, but I'll do it anyway) At 11:00AM for me I tried to get onto the server multiple times but it kept on displaying the message: "Failed to connect to server. You are already logged on to this server. It may help to try logging in again in a few...
  10. Barp___

    Important Applying to be a Moderator - What you need to know

    Hey all! In these past few months, the staff team has noticed a few threads floating around in attempts to help others with the application process we use to select new team members. Although we love seeing our users helping one another out, we did see a few misconceptions out there that we'd...
  11. JbooChillin

    Mod Applications?

    Hi! I know I'm probably like the 100th person to ask about this, but I literally just missed the September mod applications. I can be patient, but I was just wondering roughly when the next applications will open up? I know that you currently have a good amount of staff - new and old - and that...
  12. drowniinq

    Staff Applications

    So, I wanted to know how staff applications work..? I know theres a age limit etc. And i wanted ask how all of that works! Thanks <3
  13. I'm stuck in skyblock

    Hi! I fell over the edge of my island on sky block. Now I am stuck in a loop of me just falling all the time. I can't teleport because of the 'don't move the next 3 seconds'. So is it possible for someone to teleport me normally or anything. As mentioned I can't teleport myself, it doesn't work.
  14. ImperialBagel


    I keep playing Creative and it works perfectly for 30 minutes, then I get incredibly laggy to the point it auto kicks me off. When it does, it says that someone with my username was spotted on the server, and they are being kicked off. They said if the problem persists to contact staff. This is...
  15. Jinxe

    staff: help me?

    my friend was banned permanently for 'hacking'. she's made a ban appeal and nobody replied. she made another and was ordered not to make more than one ban appeal. what can i do to get her unbanned?
  16. pearlpai

    What's the purpose of locking a thread?

    Not complaining, but I really just don't understand why locking threads is necessary. Sometimes i'll be still in the middle of a conversation about the thread, but it gets locked. So why do threads get locked? I'm curious.
  17. ByPhantomsGuide

    Mod/Staff Applications

    When is beanblockz gonna open up staff applications ?
  18. PignessBlossom1

    Are mods doing they're jobs correctly?

    I am being stalked and harassed by a certain player I left a complaint to a mod and they did nothing they ignored me Mods think they're only job is to clean out spam from chat which is actually really annoying and doesn't help much they need to help people and not just be an annoyance thank you...
  19. iyahmia

    Staff Applications?

    When, where, and how can I apply to be a mod? I know this question is commonly asked but I can't find the answer for the life of me.
  20. Kierxn

    Is there an age limit for Staff Applications?

    I was just wondering if there was an age limit for Staff Applications, as I am 10 and I really want to help out the community.