1. slotherin05

    Loki Mountain
  2. hopper limit reached

    i dont play very often but i started playing again a couple weeks ago. was not aware until now that my hopper limit was back to normal (possibly because of the reset in december?) even though i bought an upgrade sometime last year. not sure which one (might have been 300). my username is...
  3. toko

    ig spawner help

    so basically - i have an iron golem spawner. it's a 10x10 glass box, with a x42 iron golem spawner spread out into a x10 iron golem spawner. the golems spawn and fall into lava, then fall into my ph5, then get sold in my void chest. but i'm only making 9,000 per 5 minutes! i should be making...
  4. JoeyDeDestiny

    Skyblock: Accessible Items Guide

    Hey! Haven't really posted here since my Custom Enchants Guide, which I did a while back. I've been playing this new season of Skyblock for about a month-ish now and found a couple of little holes and nudges. There are a lot of cool items that you are able to obtain that you may not have known...
  5. david

    Skyblock spawner limit

    Ok so I'm just gonna get into it, so I'm pretty sure on survival you have the normal 200 spawner limit if you put another grinder with 200 blocks away and then you can have another grinder so I was wondering if you and for eg, 400x400 could you place another grinder there with 200 spawners?
  6. SouI

    - Soul’s Introduction -

    ( I seem to have never done an introduction as they weren’t a thing when I first joined.) I’ve been known by many titles throughout my years on Beanblockz. My most popular and still relevant is; Soul. I’ve been on this server since the beginning and have basically grown up with the server...
  7. UwUBunBun

    Skyblock Challenges

    I'm new to Skyblock and I was wondering if there are Challenges or not? Thank you!
  8. lizathegaymer

    Island Sign up!

    Hey everyone! I'm recruiting one person to join my island so our experience can be better as a whole. I have been playing minecraft for around 6 years in a whole now. It started off as me on the xbox too scared to turn it off peaceful... then i got on my pc and christmas rolled around. I...
  9. iloveeveryone

    UniPirates Club Applications

    Hello! These are the applications for a server wide Club called UniPirates. In order to join, fill the form out: 1. What is you IGN user? 2. What is your discord user if you have one? 3. How active are you on bbz? 4. Which gamemode do you play the most? 5. Which rank do you have? (If you don't...


    Hello! So I recently just came back to BeanBlockz after a few months and was wondering when the server would be reset? Just wondering if I should wait it out or not. ps: Thanks for fixing my purchase issue earlier this year Jesse!! <3
  11. TheAB

    Skyblocks /pwarp name change

    Hi ok so i want to change what my shop is called how to I either delete my warp that i have created or change what its called?
  12. Animals despawning

    Hi everyone, I don't know if others have the same problem. Last I bought a few spawneggs on my island. I had 4 sheeps, but once in a while there is that clearlagg thing. First I thought it was only for Entity drops and not for animals or something... But after the clearlagg all my animals...
  13. vaeletia

    Is there a way to get end rods in skyblock?

    I was wondering if there was a way to get end rods in minecraft so i could make it my hat bc it looks cute :3 I can't find a way to get any though :(
  14. AnimeMillyy

    Skyblock Question

    For block Values, it only states full blocks of iron, gold, diamond, etc. Why can't we gain some levels for placing an anvil? It has iron blocks in it, but we get no levels. It would also be quite useful. Sorry just had a quetion on my mind for a while.
  15. Afk

    Can i afk without building an afk pool?? Like for skyblock can i just stand there or will i get kicked?
  16. solly

    Pay to Win?

    Good Morning Bean blocks developers, I am writing to you today to talk about the new sky block reset, although I love a good reset and am exited for the new start, there are some things that I need to go over that are just ridiculous to players in general, firstly, I would like to talk about how...
  17. HamsterBrine

    Server status...

    I regret to say this but, after returning to the server after a two year break, I have seen mods ignore harassment, give minor punishments for TP Killing and ban evasion, or even just ignoring their job. I have to say goodbye to this server. My friend has been bullied to the point they are...
  18. Jessievann

    Restarting on Skyblock

    When I tried to make my cobblestone generator it got rid of the lava and I don't know a way to get more lava. I think it might just be easier to start over. So, is there a way to reset on Skyblock?
  19. cryngedd

    selling heads

    how do i sell a head like in a shop with a sign and what do i have to do to find the item if of a head
  20. cryngedd

    skyblocks spawner question

    what will happen when i break my iron golem spawner? (me being a normal player with no rank) because i need to move it