1. HamsterBrine

    Server status...

    I regret to say this but, after returning to the server after a two year break, I have seen mods ignore harassment, give minor punishments for TP Killing and ban evasion, or even just ignoring their job. I have to say goodbye to this server. My friend has been bullied to the point they are...
  2. Jessievann

    Restarting on Skyblock

    When I tried to make my cobblestone generator it got rid of the lava and I don't know a way to get more lava. I think it might just be easier to start over. So, is there a way to reset on Skyblock?
  3. cryngedd

    selling heads

    how do i sell a head like in a shop with a sign and what do i have to do to find the item if of a head
  4. cryngedd

    skyblocks spawner question

    what will happen when i break my iron golem spawner? (me being a normal player with no rank) because i need to move it
  5. cryngedd


    Does anyone know how to get decorative heads (not player heads)
  6. InWaters

    Why I think custom fist enchantments shall be removed!

    So we all know fist enchantments which are so op.When your in the PVP pit someone has diamond armor with fist you better leave that area.Its unfair to people who actually have proper stuff to pvp.and you lose stuff now I dont want people hating on this thread this is my opinion.Earlier the day I...
  7. Help - Skyblock Challenges

    How do I find the challenges on skyblock? I tried finding it on /is but I couldn’t see it?? PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you!!
  8. Liz May Report Me? ;-;

    Hey, I'm not really sure where to put this. Does anyone have a way of contacting Liz from Skyblock? I don't remember her full ign, but she had given me some Iron Golem spawners to place, but my internet went out, so I still have them. People relayed she was upset, thought I stole them, and...
  9. Wolffeh15

    Another giveaway!! (April-May 2019)

    Hi. I am excited to announce I am going to be hosting another giveaway! It will happen either the day the new mods are announced, or the day after. I will post an update in the comments. (hopefully if I remember ) it will be held at /warp giveaway on skyblock 1 When the mods are announced...
  10. LowkeyKass

    Help please!

    Okay so i kicked someone off my is on S1 cuz they did thing without asking but she placed a chest on my is with a lock and a sign on another chest to sell something is there a way i can remove the sings ??? Plz help me!
  11. CocoBear3232

    Is going afk on Skyblock allowed?

    I'm thinking of making an afk fish farm on my Skyblock island but I'm not sure if going afk is allowed, or how to do so. I tried checking the rules but they weren't there. Please answer.
  12. SpecialCam

    hello friends.

    It's me, ya person Cam. I guess I'm the first to post here but.... WELCOME To SKyBLocK Bbz.COme FoRum ChAT ThinGy! :D Have fun. Also I'll always listen if u wanna talk to me. good bye ! <3
  13. chna

    Survival and Skyblock

    Have they abolished Skyblock Genesis and Survival Blue? In the store there is only one Skyblock and Survival listed, so are there only one server per gamemode or do you get the items on both?
  14. Ledwig

    Who has acces to the server logs? (Skyblock: omega)

    As subject stated, who has access to the server logs of skyblock omega. I need the logs to support four bancases. Thank you!
  15. MoonsCivetta

    Skyblock lag?

    I'm not sure if this is a bug perhaps, but when I was on Skyblock the server was being laggy. Everyone got kicked and some mods said that they hoped the kick would help with stuff. Since the kick things really aren't working. Water won't spread, cobble generators won't continue to generate. I...
  16. MoonsCivetta

    Selling items?

    I would love some help on how to make my own little shop in Skyblock. I know that many items have a strange name, such as sulphur for gunpowder and brown inc sach for Cocoa, but I wanted to know if there was some sort of list I can find to help me with this. Is there a handy dandy list? I...
  17. Sinien

    Skyblock Challenges

    So I started playing skyblock again and I was trying to complete the Culinary Artist advanced challenge. I was looking on different forums where people had the same problem, and it all seemed to work for them once they were given a list. So~, I was thinking someone could give me a list of the...
  18. rosetyler110

    Spawners in Skyblock Genesis.

    Hey everyone! Soooo, I have a question (obviously)... How do you get spawners in Skyblock Genesis? I know you can sometimes get them in the auction if players put them there and such but how do they get them? My best guess is you go to the nether, find a nether fortress and take the blaze...
  19. CheekyFox05

    When is the next Skyblock reset?

    Hiya, so I've been playing Skyblock (the first one) for a month now, and I'm just curious as to when the next Skyblock reset is, since it wont be that good if the next reset is in, say, a month, cause then all my efforts would be really wasted. So, I'm just curious as to when the next reset is...
  20. AmySmith

    Dramas. | Important Thread | Please Read

    *Groan* Here we go again. Recently, on Skyblock Genesis, an old friend or two of mine... well... They were mean to my friend, who was mean to them, then they were mean to me. It's all just hatred and disrespect. I wanted it to stop, the drama needed to go. And it needed to go NOW. Sadly, I...