Hello! So I recently just came back to BeanBlockz after a few months and was wondering when the server would be reset? Just wondering if I should wait it out or not. ps: Thanks for fixing my purchase issue earlier this year Jesse!! <3
  2. Luka

    thank u next

    I just wanna thank everyone for an awesome Survival season, I've met so new many people and I feel like last reset was yesterday! I wanted to share some screenies from reset party we organised today, so here they are! ;) Also, I made a video of baltop race. It took...
  3. Well, it happened.

    The Server just got shut down, and all the data (except creative, because creative always lives.) Is being wiped as we speak. I was just in the survival 1 server, i was at the warp ripbbzparty, with almost everyone on the server, We were dancing, sending thanks, and drowning while trying to get...
  4. Lonleyre

    After the reset

    After the reset will particles come back? and will cosmetics work? Because they are not really working, cause to lag, but I really liked particles so will they come back? Also the colors on our names, such as our ranks, tags and usernames are white, will they come back to color after? Thats it! :D
  5. Question About Resets

    All: If the server were to eventually update to 1.13 or 1.14, would this require a "reset"? If so, would this mean that everything one has built up to that point in time be deleted? Would this also mean that all in-game currency, achievements, levels, inventory, etc., also reset? Thank you
  6. cayceisshrek

    survival red :P

    hello, sorry if you’ve revived multiple questions about it already but i was interested if there’s been a given date for the upcoming reset? as lots of people have been giving away everything and leaving until the reset and i was wondering wether i should too? (also is creative being reset...
  7. cayceisshrek

    survival reset?

    sorry for putting on introductions rip lol
  8. firestarfox1

    When’s the reset for Survival Blue

    Yo, I’ve been waiting so long for this reset and idk when it is and I was just wondering when because last year it was in July like a couple days ago and now it’s taking a long time
  9. skinnycamm

    Soon resets?

    hola! I’ve been hearing rumors that creative and skyblock are going to reset soon. I’m not saying now, but I mean like this summer. I know resets happen when they are needed, but anyone have a general idea of when these two mini servers will be reset? Thank you.
  10. Lepidopterist

    When will the next reset be?

    Hayo, I've been playing on survival blue and I'm wondering when the next reset will be.
  11. DaOneWithTheHair

    About The Big Reset

    when is the reset going to be on survival?
  12. CheekyFox05

    When is the next Skyblock reset?

    Hiya, so I've been playing Skyblock (the first one) for a month now, and I'm just curious as to when the next Skyblock reset is, since it wont be that good if the next reset is in, say, a month, cause then all my efforts would be really wasted. So, I'm just curious as to when the next reset is...
  13. mayy


    So I've been playing BBZ Since 2015, I've stuck around so long because of Skywars. The other gamemodes are nice and all, but they could never be as good as Skywars. Some people might think the way I look at it is stupid but, it's not to me. I made amazing friends that sadly quit, I miss them a...
  14. pearlpai

    Suggestion: Horses Teleport With You

    Suggestions are closed and i'm pretty sure it's too late anyways since the reset is today but I thought i'd share this anyways. I really don't know much about plugins so I don't know if this is possible, but I still think it might be a cool addition. I found a plugin for it here and it looks...
  15. MeLikeyAppoPie

    Farewell For Now

    I just wanted to inform any of my fellow friends on Survival, that I will no longer be active until the next reset; I'm not sure when the next reset is (if you do know, please tell), but I will resume my play once the reset has taken place. To anybody currently living in my village, feel free to...
  16. pearlpai

    Custom or default maps in survival?

    The original thread was locked but I wanted to talk about it more. I don't know if i'd want a custom generation, it seems fun and new but at the same time too complicated. It would be awesome to have a new feature on the server but at the same time I think i'd miss the default survival maps. I...
  17. GO the TF away Its done

    The old skyblock was by far the best server on beanblockz but now it's my least favourite... lower than factions and I h ate factions to the bare content. I was level 600+ and I hit 700 right before the reset which makes me so pissed because I had months of hard work on there. So yeah... i'm...
  18. DaJelly

    Just wondering.. <3

    When will factions reset? Many people have been talking about factions resetting and i just wanted to know when. If you could answer this question please do. :)
  19. HiImPaul

    Factions World Reset

    On behalf of me and my friends, we were wondering if/when there may be a world reset for factions. I ask this because I saw some people talking about how they want a world reset, and there were some statements floating around about there being one soon. Personally, despite being somewhat new to...
  20. LitPanda

    Is Factions Resetting?

    Everyone on the factions server claims its resetting but we've never had this clarified by staff. If it is please state when it's resetting.