1. leanna


    i miss kitpvp so much! so many people quit bc it was removed. i miss it :( bring it back pls thank u #bringkitpvpback2020 :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
  2. sofia.moon

    Win $50 for BeanBlockz store :)

    I have no idea if this is legal I won a coupon code worth $50 USD or 39.31 GBP (or that's what the converter told me I'm not British) during this past building competition, & the thing is I don't need it :D So instead of wasting it, I thought of choosing one person at random...
  3. Concentration

    I thought it would be fun to start the game concentration! In case you don't know how to play, You will be given a category and you have to come up with something that fits inside that said category. However you cannot have a word repeat. If someone messes up the next person can start a new...
  4. Megannn

    Read what I have to say.

    I feel stressed. Hey! I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll all help <3 Please read this before you choose an option on the poll. I feel like I need to quit Minecraft, which means I'd need to leave beanblocks too. My good friend, Amy (AmySmith) is okay with it ( I think.. ) but here's...
  5. AmySmith

    Survival Blue Village Applications.

    Hello, my name is Amy. If you wish to be in a new town on Survival Blue, please answer all questions in the poll. Not Answered = No. Answered = Yes. Please don't be offended if we say no <3 thanks! <3 :D
  6. pearlpai

    Suggestion: Horses Teleport With You

    Suggestions are closed and i'm pretty sure it's too late anyways since the reset is today but I thought i'd share this anyways. I really don't know much about plugins so I don't know if this is possible, but I still think it might be a cool addition. I found a plugin for it here and it looks...
  7. MaiFunYT

    Creative 1 or Creative 2?

    Hello Everyone! Today I decided to ask you all which you prefer, Creative 1 or 2? In my opinion, I don't see much difference. I believe they're both amazing servers great for showing off talent. So, which one do you prefer to play on? Thank you for reading, as always please feel free to comment...
  8. Iara

    Short Poll :3

    Made a poll bcause i was bored, you're welcome <3
  9. atala

    Best Gamemode?

    I personally like Survival Blue ♥︎
  10. Kris

    What should my Nickname be? (When I get my rank)

    Please vote!
  11. pearlpai

    POLL: There should be a way to kick people from your claim

    I find myself wanting this feature a lot. Sometimes if a friend accepts a teleport request, or if someone tpas to buy something from you and doesn't leave, it would be really handy if you could just kick them from your claim. It's extremely irritating (in my opinion) when they fly around your...
  12. pearlpai

    Do you want horses to teleport with you when you do /home? (POLL)

    Both my friends and I have been wanting this feature in survival for ages now. Because other pets teleport to you, it seems only logical that horses should too. I found this plugin, although i'm not sure if it works. (I don't know that much about plugins) Pros: 1. Will save time. Bringing a...
  13. venyaa


    Hello! I wanted to see how much time people play on BeanBlockz server! So please vote on the poll and maybe leave a comment? ;) Also, I am answering questions so I can get my message count up! Thanks x :)
  14. Katesprinkles20

    Would you Rather (Poll)

    i would Pick Chocolate there is more things to eat :P
  15. MissMRA

    Alpacas or Llamas?

    This thread might exist, but I'll do this anyways, as some people might know, they're adding Llamas on to minecraft on 1.11, as Jeb did put a poll on twitter but it has ended, and llamas won, and that's how they got in. But enough of that, I want your guys' opinion, so your choice please ;)...
  16. LunarIsTav

    Eye Colours

    Yeaaaah....... Looool
  17. mayiloveyou

    Whats the best gamemode on beanblockz?

    This is just for fun c: I personally like skywars the best. :D Well idk bye x)
  18. Soullless

    Suicide Squad:: LOL CLICK
  19. RainbowSminleyCupcake

    Weekly Polls!

    Hi guys and welcome to my 3rd forum game! 1st forum game: 2nd forum game: In this game I will update this post with a new poll every thursday (in the UK anyway) and record...