1. Chamberlain22

    Plot Flags Wont Stay

    Every time I set a plot flag for people who are not trusted to use a door, trapdoor, or chest it works, but then it dissapears the next day or even a few seconds later. Why is this happening? How can I fix this?
  2. Caraaa

    Banned from my Plot?

    Hey, my friend doesn't have permission to make a forum here so she asked me to. She got banned from her creative one plot a few years ago. My friend has been heart broken about it sense everyone moved to creative one, is there anything anyone can do about it?
  3. scitch

    Why is my plot on Creative 1 not allowing anybody to go to it?

    I don't know what's going on and I don't know how to fix it. Any possible reasons why this could be happening? Any solutions?
  4. lepel

    Competition entry - lepel

    Minecraft IGN: lepel Plot number (if applicable): 58;172 Suggestions: Fly around the plot first so the volcano loads in, use "/ptime 21000ticks", and set brightness to max. I'm using RudoPlay's Shaders. Screenshots: Optional Conquest texture pack album: First a full...
  5. OmiJosh

    Will i lose my plot?

    i was thinking of changing my username, i have a rank and several plots. Will i lose them?
  6. OmiJosh


    I don't even know what is happening right now. So yesterday i was finishing up placing some heads in the headshop, as you do, i logged off i would say 20mins afterwards due to the server being extremely laggy. So this morning i went online to see that these heads had gone and some of the glass...
  7. Glitched Plot - Creative 2

    So I have a plot that I tried to clear but when I cleared it, the plot was still loading! I really need help and I've tried reloading, deleting the plot, etc,. Incase you are wondering my plot is /p h lostheart! Thank you!
  8. readyforit

    Prison Plot :D

    Hello All! So, I worked super hard on my prison plot and i just have to show it off xD I spent a lot of time and money on this plot before i lost all my money when i ranked up to prestige 2. I'm very proud of it. Please enjoy! All the love x Lizzie...
  9. Kimmlez

    /p auto gave me a plot with stuff already built?

    I logged onto Creative, and did the whole /p auto to get myself a plot, but the plot it gave me already had stuff built on it? What gives?
  10. The Magical World Of Lad's Ahoy!

    Heya Oli My PLot is amazing It was build by a super super super freaking COol girl team Its Realited To Peter Pan And Pirates From The Carabien . I Hope You Enjoy!:p
  11. CubSimmer

    Check my plot out

    Go to creative 2 and type /p h clary_fairchild_ to check out my plot and maybe leave a review
  12. Greyson

    Plot Clearing

    I can't clear my Plot anymore, When I try to clear it, It would just say PERMISSION DENIED and I don't know what to do!
  13. CoolCats777

    Creative Plot choice

    Is there a way to choose plots? I have already auto selected one and there is an empty plot next to me I'd like my daughter to get. Is this possible? Creative 1.0 Plot ID 135:-120
  14. EmmaBandTrash

    Plot Glitches!!

    I just got a rank, which was commander, and started claiming a second plot. After I did that it wouldn't let me go back to my first plot, which has a big house on it that took FOREVER to build. I've done /plotme home#1, #2, #3, #4, and #5. I really want my first plot back :(
  15. My plot

    So, as some of you know, recently I've been opening my plot to the public and letting them build on it freely. Recently, it's been more work than fun, cleaning up the grief and such, so I've decided to close up the free plot for now. However: I will be making a few changes to my plot. I will...
  16. Easter Party!!!!!!

    Hey everyone. I know easter is in a few weeks, so I need some help! I'm going to host a creative easter party, on my creative 2 plot, /p h LimeMutt. (On easter sunday, the 27th...) I need help! I'm not opening up the plot to everyone, so I need 5 people to be amazing and help me with this...
  17. My wonderful plot!

    As many of you know, I have opened my first plot up for free builds on creative 2. I made this video just to show ya what it looked like. Come check It out! (I sincerely apologize for the lag, my computer did this to me today..) (sorry if the video takes a while to load too!) Thank you...
  18. Skelington

    Christmas entry

    Rank: Player Id: -32 -42 Username: HelloAmberKitty