1. PinkWeezie ❅

    Appreciation Thread

    Hey everyone! So a few years back there used to be all sorts of threads and posts about showing your appreciation to people you care about. I thought that it would be a good idea to re-introduce the idea and bring some positive atmosphere to the community. Everyone is welcome to participate and...
  2. LittlePicklesYT

    Player heads in survival2

    On survival2 some people of the ability to get heads using some sort of command but other people can't. Do you have to buy that command or something? I'm a titan and usually titans have most of the commands so i don't know what to do or if i'm just not seeing something.
  3. Judge Game

    The objective is to give your honest opinion of the person above you! Understand? Ready go!
  4. ItzOzzy44

    Ideas For The Ranked Players :D

    Hi! I Have thought of 5 Reasons which could improve the Commands Ranked Players get, and maybe some new ones. Please Read All! :D 1) Firstly, on /seen can you add a something to it where it actually says where the player was last seen, or where they are at that time. I think this would be...
  5. HeyMimiko

    HeyMimiko Intro

    ˜”*°•.˜”*°••°*”˜.•°*”˜ .•*˜ Hello, I'm Mimiko! I like roleplaying and bunnies. I am easy to RP with and I like to draw. I also like the flavor Vanilla, hope you're okay with that chocolate lovers. I am a new member on the forums and server but I'm having a good time currently! Thanks for...
  6. TheWIndyCity

    Anyone wanna play?

    Hey! Soooooo, i've been kinda bored playing GTA, Madden, and NHL15 on my ps4. If you got NHL15 and ps4, send me a msg! My PSN is FalcoSpawn if you're interested on going 1v1. Anyway, if u don't have it, post your fav game in comments :P lol, why not? XD