mod application

  1. SushiBurgerseatTacos

    Mod Question...

    Hello! I have a question. I was wondering when the next mod applications/when you are taking mod applications is. I would like to apply for a mod in the nearby future,and would love if someone could help me with this question!
  2. JbooChillin

    Mod Applications?

    Hi! I know I'm probably like the 100th person to ask about this, but I literally just missed the September mod applications. I can be patient, but I was just wondering roughly when the next applications will open up? I know that you currently have a good amount of staff - new and old - and that...
  3. TheRealSlimSassy

    Applications and Survival Questions

    Hey, I wanted to know when you will be able to apply to be a moderator and how the voting system works? Also, is the staff working on fixing the box with our rank, balance, and claims in Survival Red because it's no longer there and I was just wondering! :) Thanks!
  4. Shfawns

    Mod Application

    Hello My User Is Shfawns And I am applying For Mod today. I Would Love To Help This Server By Being a Mod. I Would Be helpful to the team Because I am On Daily And I See cursing, spam And More And I would Like to Stop it! I have a 68 Hour Playtime I am Very Friendly! Currently I am a Knight And...
  5. 12chowder21

    Mod Application

    I would love to be a mod and help out the server. I am on daily and personally I think I would be a great mod because I do not like when people say bad words. I would be so excited to be patrolling beanblockz for anybody who is not following the rules. My Minecraft account is 12chowder21.
  6. SwearWhileUCan


    ok hi XD im thinking of applying for mod for a long time now but HAVE NO IDEA HOW WHT SO EVER (kinda).. XD Questions: ~how do i post my application and where? ~who do i send it to? ~wht do i have to write (ive seen it before but cant find it anymore) plz help! -SwearWhileUCan_
  7. frangipeng

    finalised mod applications?

    hello (whoevers reading), as you know, the mod applications were closed on 5th March, and i was wondering if we find out who was chosen, or have they not chosen yet? thanks to whoever answers lmao. fran x
  8. Heavxn

    Mod Application

    Hi Tom. I didn't know where to post this...hopefully here is okay. What is your current username?: It is Heavenfun317 Have you purchased anything from our webstore? If so, what have you purchased? I have purchased /fly, and Knight What age are you? I am currently 14 years of age. What timezone...