1. Ceyvil Town (Private Applications)

    Hello! I have been recently building a town called Ceyvil Town on Survival 1. I'm putting this thread out to just advertise a little and find more people to join! Here are a few details about my town! - Town is located in a Taiga/Spruce biome - [IMPORTANT] Town split into 4 islands/sections...
  2. Survival Custom <Lottery Tickets!>

    Alright, so I've been noticing that lottery ticket prices have been increasing nearly every reset, at the moment, it is 10k EACH. At first is was $1 each, eventually $200, and then now $10,000. It's increasing to ridiculous prices. Yes, I know that what you pay, goes into the prize money, but I...
  3. Linking Minecraft Account to BBZ Forums

    So I see a lot of people having their mc accounts shown on their profile area, like the mc head and username next to each other, how do you do that? I've been tryna' find answers on the forums itself, I can't! pls help owo
  4. <updated intro(i think)> Hiyaa! I'm Ashee >.<

    Hello! Call me Ashee! I'm a young artist, gamer, and beginner youtuber (pls sub i is poor XD) I joined the Beanblockz server in 2017, and later got the Commander rank in 2018. I love Pokemon, art, aesthetic (uwu), and food. dis intro kinda short but i might update again later on :D thx ~ Ashee.
  5. Build Ideas PLEASE!!!!

    On survival custom 1, me and a friend have been in the progress of building a village, we need some house style ideas and could use some extra pairs of hands, thanks! :)
  6. When is beanblockz going to change the mc version setting on gamemodes??

    I was wondering when beanblockz was going to change the gamemode mc version from 1.12.2 to 1.14.4/1.15.2? I usually play in 1.14.4 because 1.12 is glitchy for my PC, but it's the only version of minecraft that the doors, glass-panes, fences and trap doors can work properly. Are there any plans...
  7. "joining world"

    okay so when the update came onto the server i was really excited, but for one thing. If i try to type some thing into the chat for longer than what seems 5 seconds a a tinted black screen pops up with the saying "joining worlds" OVER AND OVER... i tried restarting, deleting the server then...
  8. natalieFP

    My Base

    Plot Name: Star city IGN: Fxllinqstxrs_ plot ID: screenshots: (i'm still working on it!)
  9. Taylarg2000

    I need your help on finding a new username...

    Hi, i've had this username ever since i've got Minecraft. I need a new one, but i'm stuck and need suggestions. I need your help. Im Looking for usernames that are made up, unique and creative. So if u have any ideas please make a list of usernames and i will pick out one ;) Thankyou :p
  10. Skyblock Genesis- Need Members

    Hello my name is Lynn aka Deadly_Virtues on Minecraft. I have a island on Skyblock Genesis and I would really like to get a full team of 13 players on that island. The island is still in the beginner stages, we just got it to level 200 yesterday. With that being said we have most of the basics...
  11. Convivialitea

    Creative One Is Crashing My Account.

    Long story short when I go onto Creative One it lets me go on for a couple seconds until it crashes my minecraft. I've tried to go on creative one on my sister's computer (on my account of course) to see if it was just my computer. But, it's not just my computer, it's crashing on her computer...
  12. CheekyFox05

    'You Are Already Logged On To This Server'

    (Don't know if I'm on the right section to do this, but I'll do it anyway) At 11:00AM for me I tried to get onto the server multiple times but it kept on displaying the message: "Failed to connect to server. You are already logged on to this server. It may help to try logging in again in a few...
  13. KaraokeLizzie

    Minecraft Christmas Challenge on the Christmas Competition Server

    Hey! My names Lizzie! This is my entry for the competition! My IGN is _PBandJ_ and my plot ID is 11;-11 . This took 13/14h to make ;). Goodbye ya'll and have a happy christmas! Love, KaraokeLizzie <3
  14. Metraphorical

    So many cats <o/

    so many cats XD <3 #SURVIVALREDGOALS
  15. Taylarg2000

    Halloween Is Upon Us My Friends!

    Go check out my plot on creative 1 ~~ P H:1 Tayla__2000 ~~ CHECK OUT THESE ATTACHMENTS/PHOTOS
  16. loza

    my vv complex minecraft family tree

    o our family is extremely complex & vv large, I don't remember most people so if you fit into this some how? comment & I'll add you xD. Don't focus on the fact that Durt is Zane's child & aunt, it's totally not incest. <; o - = Divorced + = Married = = Disowned <; o Nemo + (Unknown) {Loza}(Idk...
  17. This Skyblock problem may not be fixable but...

    So skyblock is usually my favorite game to play on servers, but today wasn't really a good day since I logged on and tried to make a cobblestone generator, I messed up 3 times! and I have reached my maximum reset limit. My main problem being, I let my brother play my minecraft sometimes but this...
  18. loza

    Minecraft Photography Requests! ✦ Loza

    ✦ Minecraft Photography Requests! ✦ I've decided to get into taking artsy photos through Minecraft! Here is a link to my most recent piece! ✦ Photograph! ✦ I have shaders installed, I edit each photo, I do group photos, photos with players, Minecraft builds and landscapes! Use the following...
  19. SumSun

    HELP please..

    SO my username is sumsun (Knight: Summer) on minecraft but I changed it to Nesryn (Which I now regret) But when I tried to get back on beanblockz it just said "Not authenticated with" and now I can not get on. Can someone please tell me how to solve it. NEVRMIND I FIXED IT !!!!!!
  20. StartYoutube

    About My Rank

    So I just remembered about BeanBlockz so I decided to come back on. So around October-December 2016 I bought Commander rank, but the rank only works on Skywars. If you know why comment down. Thanks ~ StartYouTube