lad's ahoy build

  1. BeckoGecko

    Lad's Ahoy Competition - Gecko's and Savage's Build

    IGN: BeckoGecko PLOT NUMBER/ID: 2;15 PLOT OWNER: Xox_Ronin_xoX My Screenshot where to big to upload so I have a Video! Also Thanks so Much XoxSavagexoX (IGN: Xox_Ronin_xoX) For doing so much of the build while I was away and when my Laptop was down! <3 YouTube...
  2. Lad's ahoy Entries

    My Plot ID-27;9 My gamer tag is Kawaii_Kat44
  3. skyheart1

    My Lads Ahoy Competition Plot Entry

    Minecraft IGN: SKYHEART1 Plot ID: 13;-19 I tried to put screenshots but when I tried to paste and or drop the file it said the file was too large. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Macjuul

    NeurocityBT || Lad's Ahoh contest entry

    Hello there! We are Neurocity BT, and this is our entry! Oke, first of all, we are ThaNotoriousBig, macjuul and JZDRAGON, and this is the plot we made for the Lad's ahoy content. We decided to create an original pirate island, focused on a realistic pirate settlement, including a few houses...
  5. ArrowAngel

    My Epic Build for the Lad's Ahoy competition

    Howdy all! So, I know what your thinking, "Who says 'Howdy' when they introduce themselves?" Well, I just wanted to be unique, okay! Now we've gotten that out of the way, let's get down to business! So, I created a build for TheOrionSound's Lad's Ahoy! building competition, under the IGN...
  6. computergirl19

    Lad's Ahoy

    Minecraft IGN: computergirl19 Plot number (if applicable): 13;9 Screenshots (not required, but would be awesome!)
  7. Skelington

    Lad's Ahoy Build Comp entry

    Minecraft IGN: SkelingtonPerson Plot Number: 20,6
  8. IIHolly

    Lad's Ahoy

    Im not sure im uploading this right cause i never use this site but Hopefully you see my plot The ID Is: -4:-12 Well I think... Hopefully You enjoy it Im IIHolly ;)
  9. Princesspuuppa

    Lad's Ahoy!

    IGN: Princesspuuppa Plot ID: 6;-18 Screenshots: Sorry, don't have any :(
  10. MoxxiGames

    ProjectAnne's Lad's Ahoy Competition Entry

    Minecraft IGN: Project Anne Plot number : 8;13 Sorry But I swear that their all important ! :) :p:);):57: -Love from Anne <3 Screenshots :
  11. Graacxo

    Skull Island - S.S. Lad's Ahoy

    plot: 6:3 IGN: Graacxo Pirates? Mysterious Islands? Treasure? Romance? Whats not to love
  12. xmolo4x

    Lad's Ahoy!

    I am so excited to be joining this competition! I have always wanted to work with a youtuber! I consider myself a pretty good builder so let's see how it goes!
  13. foreverakitten

    lads a hoy entry boiii

    :) my lamma worthy entry boiii
  14. Lad's Ahoy Build ( the volcano Village )

    Hi, My name is Catalina. I did a Lad's Ahoy theme Build in BeanBlockz Server. After working on it for hours I'm done. I tried My best and hope you like it. I would love to be part of your builder team, but understand if I don't get in. I just really wanted to build something for you. -...