1. yuno

    yuno's sick intro!! omg

    hello bros it's ya girl yuno. i'm just a simple 14 year old who's tryna get some friends here. i'm not that good at introducing myself pls, but i'll give some facts about me. i'm mixed korean and filo. so that makes me 15 in additional aye. I could only talk korean but only the basics,, your...
  2. xmrmochi

    mochi is me シ

    hello シ my name is mochi (not literally, i just don't like my real name ⍨) i'm rlly into bts, still trying to get into other groups. i also very much believe that jimin is god. purple is a superior color. i was born on march 31, 2005. i mostly play on creative 1. i don't know what else to...
  3. sadegg

    hello, my name is gudetama uwu~

    hello everyone! my name is gudetama~ !! WARNING: i am NOT the japanese cartoon egg, but the embodiment of the egg's emotions: sad and tired.. :ROFLMAO: !! here is a little bit about me~ uwu my name is vishwa [oOH how exotic.. yes thank you it's indian] i am 15 going to be 16 ;D my...
  4. xPapibaek

    Get to know this basic person <':

    Hi! I'm a basic person. I don't really know how to start this but ok? So I already had a forums account but I didn't like the username...(Honestly, I don't know why I didn't just name it after my IGN.) So If you seem an account that was named 'omoTaeheex?' or whatever, sadly that was me. I'll...
  5. DerpyDooDooXD

    Hello there! (Ive been here for a year but whatever XD)

    You may know me from C2.If you do, henlo. But if you don't, hi! I'm just here to do my business, have fun and make sure everyone is having fun! My fav colour is: Yellow!:14::35:4::41::95:10::159:4::170:
  6. Maffi


    greetings, it is I, the girl who vanished a few months ago. My ign was ewmaffi. I go by the online alias of maffi or prae/praexhal. idk why. I cannot play on beanblockz anymore. (I messed with mods and it broke me game) I like dogs. I like books. I like the sims. I like swearing a lot - I got...
  7. dcni

    Your first introduction!

    ⭐Whats Your In Game Name?⭐ My in game name is iDeniz ⭐Where Are You From? (Optional)⭐ I am from Turkey but I live in Australia ⭐Whats Your Favorite Food?⭐ My favorite food is sushi (obvi!) ⭐Dogs or Cats?⭐ Both are adorable <3 ⭐Whats Your Favorite Genre?⭐ I like whatever is trending, but mostly...
  8. mayiloveyou

    New Introduction!

    Okay so I know no one cares but oh well.. I've been playing beanblockz for AT LEAST 2 years.. I play skywars..and skywars..sometimes kit pvp (I WANT 1.8 LIKE OMG) My current ign this second is CryingCorpses but i'm also known as Clipey 10/29/2016 @ 3:59:19 PM ScreamingSpirits 9/29/2016 @...
  9. Rsyx

    Rsyx Introduction

    Hello! My IGN is Rsyx I regularly play on Survival Blue and Creative 2 I love graphic design (visit my DA pls) I live in Indonesia that's it.
  10. m00shie

    My Introduction

    Hi! my ign is m00shie, If you look out 4 me you'll mostly see me chilling on Survival red, Skywars and Skyblock. My Rank is Titan and my nickname is [Titan]MooshMoosh. I luv helping out around the server so if you ever need my help then I'm willing to sacrifice my time. My Goal for this server...
  11. CorgiFarts

    TheRealCorgi's Introduction

    Hello! This is my little introduction! So you can know me better! IGN - TheRealCorgi Age - 11 (I'm A Young Little Butterfly) Facts About Me - I had 2 corgis before, and I can eat a whole jar of Nutella in an hour! Favorite Food - Spagetti or Icecream! Favorite Movie - Mama or Carrie (The New...
  12. Tarahh


    Hi! I'm Tarah! I was on here before the forums reset as TarahXO or something rlly stupid.Im currently 12 years old and I'm a dancer, I've been playing Minecraft for about 3 years now.Im either on sky block,Kitpvp,or creative.I really like Melanie Martinez and Scream Queens.I also like to build a...
  13. KawaiiBearGamingYT

    About Me

    Hello I am new to this Forum. I guess it is custom to have an introduction so here it is > I play flute in Band > I am in the 6th Grade > I live in Texas > I have 2 older brothers > I play Minecraft > I have a YouTube Channel > My minecraft name is Emmah2022 > I have a Dog named Rosie > I have...
  14. gyeomie

    Herro~ ♥︎

    Hi! I'm Abi and I only just found out about the forum restart a few days ago soo... here's a few things about me: I love anime more than my own family. I'm a vegetarian don't judge ._. I'm really shy irl but I love talking to people online! My hobbies include procrastinating, stalking phan...