1. claireanne

    Proper Introduction

    I realized I never really introduced myself to the server. Here are 10 quick facts about me: 1. Nickname: When I was younger I was called Claire Bear, or Baby Claire. I hated those nicknames so much. 2. Eye color: Brown 3. Hair color: Black 4. Fact About Me: I've been out of my country...
  2. daffy

    Aloha! (No I'm not Hawaiian :I)

    Haalloo, My name is Daffy, (some people will know <: ) I played BBZ about 4-6 months ago (I know its a lot ;-; ) I stopped since my brother got in a car accident and wanted to spend some time with him. :D He is now fully recovered so I'm back! My IGN is The_Dabber and for the last month of my...
  3. addikat

    Hallo! *:・゚✧

    Heya! My name's Addison, (My nickname is Addi) and I'm new to the forums. My sister recently gave me her Minecraft account after mine was hacked.. I've been playing on this server for about a year now and I enjoy my time here, so today I decided to make a forums account...
  4. MissMRA

    ◕Ѡ◕ My Updated Introduction ◕Ѡ◕

    Aye there! I know I made an intro already but I was a noob so I was getting quite aggressive... Let's get to it then! Realname: Manahil IGN: MissMRA Birth: May 20th 2000 Zodiac Sign : Taurus Favorite Colours: Teal, Black, Yellow Favorite Game: Minecraft, duhh! PC Brand? Acer (Windows of...
  5. TheWitchChild

    TheWitchChild's Introduction :D

    Hello you people! :D I'd like to introduce myself to you so that you get to know me better! First of all, my IGN is TheWitchChild (what a surprise!), but you can call me Giacomo :D I'm 15 years old and I live in Germany, so forgive me if there is some grammar mistakes in this text x.x I'm still...
  6. Irene Reaper

    Hai I'm Lea, SimplyArtist.

    I Roleplay, I write out Character's Bios. Out and I enjoy Drawing. I just begun my path on writing/Drawing so bear with me as I walk down that road blind. I reference a lot of my draws on Anime's or group outings I had went through. I as well, am working in becoming a Doctor, Cardio, Neuro, or...
  7. VintageBrooklyn

    My intro :P

    Note: i just realised I did not make an intro lmao, Still love meh! MyBoringLifeee (Formerly known as BrooklynHill) introduction. I love Halsey, Lana Del Rey and Melanie Martinez! <3 I live in the best country New Zealand, though our connection is fairly bad lmao. I'm a loner I love my...
  8. Captainski


    Heyo, I'm Captainski! Call me Captain or Samemi! I'm a lesbian 14 year old gal who draws a lot of furries. I love anything with cute girls and yuri (girlxgirl) in it, especially in anime and games. I have a lot of waifus (ex: Murasa Minamitsu (2hu) | Soleil (FE) | Hoshizora Rin (SIF) |) My...
  9. ShadowCrystal99

    My Story <3

    Hello everyone who is viewing this post, I am well-known gamer on the Beanblockz server named 'ShadowCrystal99' As you may or may not have found me on some of the game choices to play on this network. Here is a proper Story of how I have come so far on this server I started playing on the...
  10. Juliana

    2nd Introduction

    So I wanted to make a new introduction because why not? So here I go! (Sorry, but this introduction is closed due to myself not knowing much about writing something smh 2017 though)
  11. Kurlyy

    Kurly's Introduction ;w;

    hi I love cats and the word "mEow" but it isn't my favorite word unless it has the "e" in capitals I also love you will you marry me? no just kidding I see your disappointment fine.. will you go on a d8 with me to McDonalds? yes? ok bye.
  12. Muffincake

    My Introduction

    Hey guys! I've recently just joined the forums, so please try to remember i'm a huge noob at introductions here. My nickname is Muffincake, AKA Muffin, Moofin, etc. I have a youtube channel with currently 162 subcribers, and i'm aiming towards 200! Not very much, I suppose, but hey I dream big...
  13. Velatryx

    Hey! Come say Hi!

    Hey everyone! My name is Jaydon and I have recently been introduced to BeanBlockz and have found it to be quite a fun server to begin playing on. I have noticed the community to be quite friendly and accepting so I think I will stay! Being new, I don't know many people.. So as you probably...
  14. AresXena

    AresXena's introduction™

    Welcome to my introduction! My introduction will consist of several spoilers. When you click on the spoiler it will reveal information that I put in this application. I'm doing this because not everyone is interested in my favorite videogame, employment or rockband. So now everyone can click on...
  15. Mooshie

    ☆.:*・° || mooshie || °・*:.☆

  16. TheNotSoRobot

    Getting Myself Out There

    Ok, well, I've been playing on the BeanBlockz server for over a year now and I realized I've probably made a grand total of 3 friends. And then again I realized I haven't seen any of them for months, so I guess I have 0 friends at the moment. And that's why I'm here. I've never really been...
  17. drexplosionpd


    I like memes, they are nice. I play skywars, its nice. I watch netflix, it's good movie streaming program. I browse these forums, they are nice. if you read this and like it, make sure to give a 'useful' rating ;)
  18. xxHuntressGirlxx

    More About The Hunt!

    Here are some MORE things about me! I like to help others when needed I am totally against bullying I LOVE Starbucks ☕️ I am a Muslim! I have been playing video games since I was 5 I am a feminist (I believe in women's rights)
  19. xxHuntressGirlxx


    Hello my name is Huntress! I am a minecraft gamer and a console gamer. I started beanblockz during the summer and loved it! I got to meet a community full of talented gamers. To this day I am proud to be a minecrafter.
  20. HopeofMxrning

    ❤ ~ I think some of you guys know me! :3 ~ ❤

    ❤ ~ So some people know me because I've been on the forums since Nov 1st this year... But no one knows me on the actual game xD My user is PikaChu_AnimeBae and my nick name is PikaChu_Teh_Anime_Addict mainly because I love anime... If you want to give me some suggestions for anime feel free too...