1. cattleia


    Hi there! The name's Cattleia in-game and in real life! I'm very new to the forums [if you couldn't tell already haha;;] , although I have been playing BB for as long as I can remember really.. Due do an unfortunate event, I went on "hiatus" for a year or so and I am now able to return! I'm...
  2. omoTaeheex


    I'm pretty much awkward. Anyways, Hello there! I have been on here for a while, just never talked to anyone. Seeing that I'm scared of everything (and I mean everything;; ). I was pretty scared I wasn't going to make any friends on Beanblockz...And the sad fact is I still haven't.(and I been on...
  3. ItsBunMeg

    Holo Its Me

    Holo everyone, I am ItsBunny2 aka ItsBunMeg! You normally see me on Skyblock, Survival and sometimes Creative. BeanBlockz is my favorite server and I would love to get to know you all! I'm a rank [Commander] and I usually use the nick ItsBunMeg because me and my sister (ItsBunny1) Love to be...
  4. Jingle

    Jingle's intro

    Hi! My name is Jingle for all those who don't recognize me. I am a well-known member from Callum's server (Squishy Craft) and I really hope to get to know everyone better! As this is an introduction, I guess I should tell everyone a little bit about myself! My username on MC is ewjingle...
  5. DeathAndAbove

    Death's intro

    Hello everyone, I have been playing this server for a couple of years now but i decided to make an intro my name is Kharief Marson (its not pronounced how you think it is) i'm 15 i'm male i live in Florida my ign is DeathAndAbove i usually play on skyblock and survival Nice to be apart of the...
  6. Koreanrain

    KoreanRain/Hwan Yuri (환유리)

    Hello! I am KoreanRain and i am from South Korea, and no i am not from Seoul, but from a province called Gangwondo. I am currently 15 (13 American age) I love swimming, it takes my stress away. I am passionate about singing but my dancing abilities are... quite strange. And there is really...
  7. mace

    Hello ♡

    Hello, I'm SharpieFumes also known as; Fire, Sqlty, Zuntily and Macy (Call me whatever you like) I started playing on Beanblockz about a year ago and since then I've made so many friends! All my friends that I've made on here Have helped me with Depression and anxiety. I was in a really dark...
  8. Luneta


    Ohai I'm a boy I'm 17 I play survival a lot (red) but not exclusively. I played beanbloxkz on an alternative account like.. 2 years ago? I'm not the brightest but I consider myself fairly creative. I used to do skin commissions. I would consider myself a calm individual or at least even...
  9. shook

    Introduction But Not Really An Introduction

    ● So hello guys, I haven't really made an introduction yet, and I am not really on forums a lot so anyways let me introduce myself. ● My real name is Taylor, I use Mel as a filler because I felt like it. I am also 13 but turning 14 in a month on August 6th. I have 2 dogs, one named Sadie, and...
  10. SimberTheDragon

    Simber's Introduction

    Hello everyone! My name is Simber and my In-Game Name is SimberTheDragon. You probably all know me already as I play a lot of Skyblock and just started Survival for the first time. However I'm making this thread because I am new to forums :3 Minecraft Background: 1. What made me want to play...
  11. loza

    - Little Update On Me -

    ● I bet you 20$ that the comments will be filled with 'Hi!' or 'Welcome' even though this isn't a introduction it's a update & I've been on forums for months ● Hi, I haven't been on the forums that long but I haven't made an update for about a month.. ● So I've decided to fill you all in on all...
  12. laekn

    About Me Introduction!

    Hello all I'm a new member to BeanBlockz! Im so excited to be playing on this server, I have heard its great. I probably should have already said my name, but I'm Laken (My in game name is laekn). Im 14 right now but going to be 15 tomorrow, hooray! Im currently in highschool right now and im...
  13. Twyllie

    Ello ❤

    Ello, I'm Twyllie but you can call me Liana or Kimberly if you want. (Preferably Liana but eh I don't care) I'm kinda new, kinda not lol I've only spent my playing on Creative2 so I haven't experienced much yet.
  14. Snuggeh

    20 unnecessary facts~♡

    Hai! Here are some unnecessary facts for you to 'get to know' me. :] 1) I'm a Libra 2) Fears - Clowns & water 3) My favourite movie is Rocky Horror Picture show (Watch it!!) 4) My favourite band is Nirvana 5) I love 70-90s songs 6) I like bears.. alot. 7) I'm from Australia 8) I'm half Aussie &...
  15. Mybeau

    My HOT intro yes

    Welcome to My Intro! I've done one already but i've changed my user and my personality has changed quite a bit. :) IGN: Frxppe (honestly i was surprised this wasn't taken but ya know it is now :)) [Commander] Frappe but soon Titan. I have over 1.2M dollars on Survivals Red. Other than...
  16. AyyItsJoe

    About me - Joe

    :pHello, I'm Joe. Also known as: Puggables, AyyItsJoe, InfectiveFile and Fantump (I'm changing my IGN soon so calm down lol). I usually play Prisons, Creative, Survival and sometimes Factions or KitPvP (rarely I go on Skyblock). I'm a Brummy which is probably why I have a horrible accent :(...
  17. nnicole

    anotha one

    Hello der! It is I. nicole :> This is my 2nd introduction but meh i like making new friends :D Hello. My name is Nicole and I come from Queensland, Australia. I am 13 turning 14 on the 14th of May. I enjoy playing and competing in volleyball and running activities. I recently have started...
  18. cryingheart

    Well.. Here I Am

    HELLO, I am cryingheart your friendly person who gives dumb advice at all times, a 24/7 eater and procastinator... So basically another BeanBlockz person is pretty much what I sum up too. I need friends, so do please be my friend as I am currently just a lonely heart. ALSO so you don't make...
  19. Tuffley

    Hello? Is it me your lookin for?? XD

    Hi i like yellow i like chickens i like tigers i like cheese i like Pokemon i like minecraft i like a person i am wierd Some know me as Tuffley, others.... they dont even know i exist :)
  20. nnicole


    (erm this is bad but idek what to put it in this so yeah kthxenjoy) Hihi i'm Nicole and my ign is h0tnicole, people call me Nicky or Nic. On the server I play on kitpvp, survival blue, factions, skywars and op prison. But I mostly play on factions, kitpvp and survival. I have a rank, king so go...