1. Hi!

    Hai!! I'm RxinbowAesthetic. ~These are some facts about me~ -I'm British (and I ironically love tea) -I love sushi -I love kawaii stuff -I have an obsession with Sailor Moon (pls don't judge meh) -I have brown hair & brown eyes -I like me some memes -My fave colour is pink I mainly play on...
  2. lihyoung

    play despacito ;)

    hey !! i've recently gotten back into playing on beanblockz after a break from minecraft, due to my reunion with the server i thought hey i might as well introduce myself on the forums. my name's Lina, i'm a newly ranked up titan here on beanblockz. i've mostly active within survival blue...
  3. kiwi


    hi, im kiwi !! this is like my 20th introduction but i figured since a lot of players are new and may not know me, itd be appropriate to make this. my ign is hyucks n ive been playing on this server for 4 years !! i love making friends so if you see me online or on discord (name is kiwi), dont...
  4. leanna

    hi it's leanna :)

    hi I'm Leanna and here are some things about me lmao ;) - I'm 13 years old - I'm from Texas yeehaw - I say y'all a lot hehhe - I've been playing on BeanBlockz for like 3+ years - Noah Schnapp is my husband :mad: - I like to do tumbling and stuff (Instagram: @leannaflips) - I usually play on...
  5. isleannaokay

    howdy :)

    wait no go follow @Leanna OOPS
  6. oliverdehbest


    Hi! My name is Jessica, though I prefer being called Oliver. Here are a few things about me. I'm 15 My preferred pronouns are he/him I'm going to be a sophomore next school year I live in Texas in the United States of America I mostly play Beanblockz Creative 1 My favorite bands are Panic! At...
  7. kqmorebi

    to little to late tbh

    Well hiya kids! It’s my introduction let’s go -my name is lily but everyone calls be jung on account of my nick on survival blue. -im not telling my age -I have 2 siblings, both boys. Imma middle child. -I’m an ARMY, a fan of BTS. -I am an artist and a dancer. Been dancing for 3 years. Not in...
  8. LillyThompson

    get to know me ;)

    So I've never done an introduction before and I thought that I might as well do one since many people may not know much about me :) -I'm 13 ( 14 in August smh ) -I live in England -I'm obsessed with lasagne and cats xo -I've been a beanblockz player since mid 2016 -I became mod April 1st -I do...
  9. hayes


    Hayes ------------ I'm 13 and from the USA. My favorite color is Yellow. I am into Aesthetics. My IBF's are Kris, Oscar, and Arianna. I love creativity. My favorite Youtuber's are Emma Chamberlain, Marla Catherine, the bootleg boy, and sab. My favorite TV Show is 911. My favorite series is...
  10. MxgicCookie

    Hello, my online name is MxgicCookie, but please call me Cookie. I have been apart of the Beanblockz community since December 26 of 2016. I have spent like everyday on this server, cause I don't have much of anything else to do. Favorites TV Show: Hawaii Five-O Movie: Selfless and Homeward...
  11. DevilsIvy

    hi...again ♡

    hello random passersby, nice to meet you! my name is lyss : ) i've been on beanblockz (the server) since i was like 12 (so almost 3 years now wow ??), but i took a break from it and when i came back all the people i knew were gone and now i don't know who anyone is :') sooo i thought i would...
  12. ProGIo767

    Hi, I'm ProGio767

    Hi I am Giovani (ProGio767) I am 15 years old and I live in the Netherlands I like to get to know people and to help people I play skyblock most of the time but I also regularly play on other game modes if someone has some questions for me you can always ask it I wish you a nice day ~ ProGio767
  13. mayy

    updated intro (;

    so uh- i'm here with a new introduction. ( if you're somewhat blind i made the text bigger (; ) i'm may, and i've been playing bbz since 2015. (3 years !1) when i first joined i played creative and skywars, and uh- that's still all i play because i don't have much interest in the other...
  14. Starrinq


    I'm Star, but just call me Chloe. I have an unhealthy addiction to tea, and I love anime and everything cute. In my spare time I code, animate and read. I have been playing Beanblockz for a while, but only recently joined the forums. I would really love to be a part of the forum community! ~Chloe
  15. Marella

    Hiya ;))

    Hey There! My name’s Marella (or Mar) whichever one you’d like to call me :) let me introduce myself.... I am a girl who lives for video games (mostly minecraft) but I’m into art too <3 I have been a member of beanblocks for a few years :0 I do have other accounts on the forums but they were...
  16. Flow

    Hey, I'm Flow!

    Hello everyone, my name is Flow! Some of you may know me from Creative 1.0 and Creative 2.0. I am semi-well known throughout the Creative community, some of you reading this may even know me :) BASIC FACTS ABOUT ME Nick - Flow In-game Name - FlowIsLonely Normally Play - Creative 1 Best...
  17. ashleyx

    heyo im ashley

    ok sooo um idrk what this is but hey im ashley im not going to post a picture of me just in case anyone finds me in irl that would be very awkward. i've commented a couple times a got triggered and reported people. that's it. i've been playing sb omega mostly and got on sb genesis like uhh...
  18. ItsJustKyliee

    Hello <3

    Hi! So, I've been on beanblockz for a while now, you may have known me as: KylieSierra, ItsJustKyliee. I've just recently decided to join the forums! So, I just wanted to say hello... so hi there! I usually play on skyblock1 or sometimes on survival red. I'm usually on 24/7, so you'll probably...
  19. ILuvMinecraftHehe


    heyyyy haha XD i gess im wat u call famus, but i no make a intro post before haha so here it goes :p for those who no know me, which i think is smal amount, i pro robloxian and minecrafter player haha XD i drop out of scool to pursew my career and no regrets since haha bc yolo :D i also...
  20. nnicole


    So I decided to make my 4th or something introduction bc why not lmao. soo my name’s nicole and my current ign is oofnicole. i mainly play on factions and kitpvp (i play on other servers to just check my signature) i rejoined beanblockz a couple week ago, or last month after i took a break...